Monday, 25 January 2010

Sophisticats Challenge

This weeks Sophisticat Challenge #19 pulled at my heart strings this week as it is 3 years since Lisa at Sophisticats lost her dear Mum Iris on 26th of January. As a tribute to her Mum, Lisa would like the challenge theme of Mother, Miss You or some kind of tribute.
Anyone who knows me will know that it was my Mum's first anniversary on 17th December so i have decided to put up my tribute picture that i designed a few months ago which sits proudly on my craft room wall. I am sure that Lisa & the ladies at sophisticats will not mind it being something that i did a while ago & that this pic is dedicated on my blog.

I miss my Mum everyday, every hour, minute & second but it is pictures like these that keep her memory alive. Thankyou so much for this beautiful challenge Lisa, i am also pleased that you have taken the decision on not offering prizes this week, it is indeed inappropriate & my prize is knowing that i can share this beautiful picture & i can also see what everyone else has created.

 Just a beautiful photo of my Mum a few weeks before she passed that i would like to share with you all. Thank heavens for our precious memories.
Thankyou for taking the time to look.
Hugs, Clare xxx


  1. Oh Clare Thank you so much for sharing this with us it is truly beautiful, i am in tears typing this, i am fortunate that my mum is still with us,and i am sure your mum is watching over you and your loved one. luv and hugs gina xx

  2. sorry i forgot to say thank you for joining us at Sophisticats this week. luv gina xx

  3. Sorry Gina, didn't mean to make you cry! it is a pleasure to join Sophisticats for another week, i love it & so glad i found it. Hugs, Clare xxx

  4. Oh Clare, you set me off too not only was my Dads anniversary this month but then 4 years later it is also the month that my Mum went into hospital and didn't come out. It's been a few years but the number is irrelevant.
    Im not surprised you miss your Mum so much she looks amazing. Ive seen your photo many times on your blog but never gone for a close up as I didnt want to intrude but Im so glad you posted it properly on your blog. I know exactly what you mean that you think of her so much, Im the same.

    Maybe I will be able to join in the challenge this week. I'll try.

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Keryn x

  5. So sorry to hear of your Mum & Dad hun, i think that the loss of our parents is just the worst. The one thing that gives me strength is knowing she is no longer suffering & she gives me signs every now & then that she is still around me. She regularly sends me feathers whenever i ask her & little things happen now & then that just cannot be explained, this gives me such comfort. Although i would give anything just to hold her & to have her talk back to me.

    You go for it Keryn with the challenge, you have until next Sunday evening. I will keep an eye out to see if you get a chance ok.

    Hugs Clare xxx

  6. This is really lovely Clare and such a wonderful tribute to your mum.

    Thanks for joining us at Sophisticats this week

    Jan x

  7. Lovely Miss Clare....Just beautiful and you know that I know how you feel....luv marg xx

  8. Oh Clare, what a wonderful tribute to your MUM, great pictures off her also...she looks like a real nice lady....many thanks for joining us at Sophisticats this week. Hugs Avril xxxxx

  9. Just so touchingly beautiful dear Deb xxx

  10. This is beautiful Clare............she was an awesome lady and i feel priviliged for her to be our mum
    Miss her every single day

  11. Oh Clare, Im sat here in tears sweetie. I love this tribute for your Mum. Why does God have to take them!! Your Mum looks beautiful and I love the frame memorial. Clare, your words have touched me so deep. Im glad you feel that a prize is inappropriate, although my mum was a giver it didn't sit right with me and now I know that those of you who have shared this with me feel the same.
    Thank you Clare. Im' an email away if you ever need to talk darling.
    Big Hugs
    Sophisticats & allissa Designs Cabin.

  12. Thankyou so much for your beautiful messages lovely ladies. I always love being able to create with the many photos i have of Mum & being able to share them is even better. Mum was such a big inspiration with my work as had it had not been for her i probably would not have got into crafting.
    Helen also had a big part in it helping me & giving me the money to start my venture off. Luckily we are so close & despite the fact she is in OZ we are still helping each other getting over our loss of Mum.
    Lots of love, Clare xxx


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