Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Wow what a lovely start to my morning!!! I have been awarded 2 wonderful blog awards from my gorgeous friends KERYN and CLAIRE!!!!! Thankyou sooooo much beautiful girls.

I have to follow the rules for each award so in no particular order, here goes.

This award is from Claire and firstly i have to thank the person who sent this award. THANKYOU CLAIRE!!!. Secondly i have to list three things i like about myself;
1) I think im a kind & caring person  2) I am totally genuine  3) I love to help people & animals & always want to make them feel happy/better.  Finally i need to pass on the award to 7 people. I am so happy i have received 2 awards as i get to choose another 5 as well as these 7!!!. The friends i have chosen are;


This award is from Keryn and the rules are;
1) To thank the person who sent the award. THANKYOU KERYN!!!!
2) Display the award on your blog, which i have done here and on my side bar
3) List 3 things about yourself;
a) I am vegetarian and only buy cosmetics and house hold products that are not tested on animals. I think i probably have the most animal friendly house on the street!!!
b) I am a big believer in the afterlife and i am going to visit a psychic/medium very soon
c) I want to start growing my own vegetables & fruit next year. I love the taste of organic foods & hate pesticides etc. I love healthy foods and would love the feeling of "living off the land!!!"
4) Post a picture that you love;

Well it is a double one caught in two stages of a dance that Mum and Dad had on my wedding day, still the best day of mine & Martin's life as without it there would not be the beautiful memories like these.
5) Tag 5 people you would like to pass this award on to;

Thankyou so much Claire & Keryn for thinking of me. I wish i could have named you both on these lists but i know you both had each received these awards. Instead i send you both loads of love.
This was so hard choosing names, not because i was not sure who i wanted but because i did not want to leave anyone out as there is still plenty i could name!!!.
So to each of you who i have named i want to thankyou for being such beautiful friends and for always commenting on my posts. Also your blogs truly inspire me each and every time i visit with your gorgeous creations.

Thankyou for letting me share.

Love & hugs Clare xxx

Sunday, 22 August 2010


Hi everyone!!! i would just like to share with you the amazing day i had on Wednesday at the St.Wilfred's Hospice Day Centre. Some time ago i was asked if would like to spend the day there and take my cards and perhaps show the patients how to make them. Wendy, my beautiful friend who works there, had taken a box of my cards in some weeks ago to sell for Wilfie's fundraising. They proved so popular and the patients asked about me and how i make them so this is how it all came about me being asked to go in there.

So this week it happened!!! i packed up my dolly trolley packed to brim of craft stash and me and Wendy headed to the temporary base in Uckfield. I was really nervous as i did not know what to expect as i had never done anything like this before. Instead of going in unprepared i made up some card packs with stamped images and made up some little files of card and papers already cut to size. I took lots of embellishments and sentiments too.  I made this card below so that the patients had an idea of the style of card we could make. I kept it simple and i had made sure that there were lots of different images for them to choose from and lots of different patterned and coloured paper to choose just so that everyone's card would be different.

I realised when everyone started pouring in to the day centre that i had not needed to worry. I had the biggest & warmest welcome imaginable. At first i was known as "the card lady" as the patients started talking amongst themselves!!!. The nursing staff and volunteers were amazing too and the kindest people you could meet. I was made so welcome and they could not do enough for me.

There were 6 patients in total on Wednesday (it varies week by week) and they all wanted to participate. They were all so excited!. The most amazing thing of the day was that i had a 97 year old man making cards! his enthusiasm was fantastic. Another gentleman who is 93 is really into art and he did a terrific job with his lighthouse image and got well into the Promarkers. He had brought a canvas in of an Aborigional scene which he had made and it was awesome!.

Some of the patients who were unable to physically make the cards themselves were included as much as the able bodied one's. I made up the cards but got them to choose everything they wanted on the card, from the image to what coloured Promarker they wanted & where. It was good as the volunteers helped me out. Some of the nurses were even making cards!!!.
I had a really big soft spot for one of the ladies by the name of Joyce. She was totally beautiful and the tiniest thing you have seen. Joyce made 2 cards and coloured 2 more images but did not have time to finish. We were all really sad when the time had come for everyone to go back on the minibus. I have promised that i will go back very soon and i have kept hold of the unfinished cards and will be taking them back next time for them to finish.

I feel so totally humbled by my day on Wednesday. How a wonderful group of people can get together every week just to take their minds off their illness and forget all their worries. I feel so close to everyone, just after a day.
I have been asked about the possibility of going in to the actual Hospice in Eastbourne to do some cardmaking with patients. I know this will be hard as it is where Mum passed away but i know she would want me to get over this and do it.

By the way to everyone who has kindly donated cards i managed to sell £16 worth of your cardson Weds!!! they also said a very big thankyou to everyone.

Thankyou for letting me share this with you.

Love & hugs Clare xxx

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

St.Wilfie's Update & a Stack More Cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone, hope we are all well and busy creating!!! well i promised you all an update on Cameron's coffee morning and i can proudly say that £403.00 was raised on the day!!!! that is amazing for a 2 hour fundraiser!!!.
I am planning to do my own fundraiser a little closer to Christmas so i will be keeping you all posted ok. So that means that cards are still more than appreciated!!! i will also be doing some card classes shortly at the day centre and will be taking cards in to sell to raise money.

I cannot believe the amount of cards that have been sent in since the coffee morning and i have some more very special people to thank. I am also adding a few pics to show you the gorgeous cards proudly vacating my craft room!!!

I would like to thank;

Curt O'Brian for the 12 beautiful House Mouse cards which i will have trouble parting with!!! Curt sent his cards all the way from the USA!

Teresa Sherman for a big box of 36 cards! please pop by her Digital Stamp Shop too!!! This is the second batch of cards that Teri has very kindly sent!

Vicki all the way from OZ and one of my Scrap Therapy pals. Thankyou Vicki for thinking of us!

Thankyou so much guys!!! please make sure that you pop over and check out their fab blogs to see more of their creations.

I spoke with my sister Helen last week and she has a big parcel of cards from some of the girls in OZ who have kindly donated so cannot wait to get them. I will let everyone know when they arrive!!!.

So i am going to leave you with pics of some of the cards Curt, Teri and Vicki have sent.

By Curt

By Teri

By Vicki

Im so sorry about the glare in some but they had the plastic covers on the cards which i did not want to open as all sealed up with creators stickers on. Wish i could have photographed all but think i would be here a month of Sundays!!! besides you can go check out everyone's work on their blogs.
I will be back again soon with updates.

So sorry that i have not been very productive of late. Along with another flare up of my RA i am busy getting my life together as hubster has now moved out. All is cool though and he has moved very nearby and i think he has been over everyday day since he moved out!!!! We are both so happy that we are still able to be close & good friends, makes life a lot easier. He misses the furbabies dreadfully but he knows he can see them whenever he wants to.
I am now in the process of sorting out the bungalow the way "i want it", will be a bit of painting, adding to, sorting out and rearranging. Trying to make life easier around the house for me to live independently too.
Today me and Dad tackled the sheds!!! off to the tip tomorrow and now have a fully functioning shed less the crap!!! the other one is a bit delapidated and noticed there is a large area of flooring missing so once it was cleared out i shut the door behind and hopefully will make a nice home for any forms of wildlife wishing to habitat!!!.

So bear with me and soon i will be back to creating and you never know i may be able to post some pics of my rearranged pad!!!.

Take care & loads of hugs, Clare xxx


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