Monday, 28 February 2011


Hello my lovelies!!!. Well it is my turn to find a card sketch for the following fortnight CHRISTMAS CARD CLUB.

The deadline for this challenge is Sunday 13th March.

A group of us girls decided that we did not want to get behind with our Christmas cardmaking this year or to leave them right to the last minute (sound familiar?) so every fortnight we take it in turns to put up a sketch and share our cards on our blogs. Anyone is welcome to join us, all you need to do is leave one of us girls a message and you will be included. Our aim is to have some fun and create.

We have two new follower's this week so welcome, SALLY & SYLVIE. Don't forget to go check out their blogs and the other girls, CLAIRE, CRAFTY CHRIS, KERYN and PINKY.

Just want to say GET WELL SOON KERYN. She is pretty poorly at the moment bless her. All thinking of you hun and can't wait till you are back and feeling better xxx

Thanks for stopping by!

Hugs Clare xxx

Saturday, 26 February 2011


Hello my lovelies!!! what a bloody miserable Saturday afternoon it is out there. I just cannot wait for more sunshine, roll on Summer!.

Well it was the lovely CLAIRE'S turn to come up with the sketch for the CHRISTMAS CARD CLUB the last fortnight.

It was such a lovely sketch to work with and this was what i came up with;



The fortnight will be my turn to choose the sketch for the CHRISTMAS CLUB which i will post sometime tomorrow. Remember that anyone is welcome to join and is based on fun and achievement!!!.

Clare xxx

A Year Older and a Busy Week!

Have had a busy one but a fantastic week. Have some pics to share with you as it was my Birthday on Monday (38, aarrgghh!!!). My Birthday kind of started last weekend as went out Saturday with Martin and we hung out and had lunch, then went on to meet my Sister, Nephew and Niece in Eastbourne. Did a bit of retail therapy then home to a huge chocolate cake my Niece Rebecca had made and some pressies.
I know, my Birthday was not until Monday but my Nephew Jack had come home for the weekend from Uni and knew i would not get to see them on the day (it would be rude not to as well!!!).
I was up at the hospital Sat and Sun afternoon to see Wendy but she forbade me to go up there on my Birthday but i was happy as i knew she would be home Tuesday.

I have been very spoilt this year and received some lovely gifts. The most amazing pressie i received was from the beautiful KERYN!!!

This exploding box card is amazing and the pics just cannot do it justice im afraid. Keryn is so amazingly talented and i feel so lucky to have received it.

Keryn also sent me all of this wonderful crafty stash!!!!.Thankyou so much my friend you are so so kind. Just want to send a get well wish to Keryn this week as she has been very poorly with a chest infection xxx

I also received some other lovely pressies. Bert & Simone got me Adelle's two CD's (19 & 21) and Israel Kamakawiwo'ole "Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World" single. I received some Pandora gift voucher's, "Open Season 2" DVD, £100 and some kitchen goodies. This year i am decorating my bungalow and i have started collecting bits and pieces for my kitchen (which will be the first room to have a makeover!). I absolutely love red & white polka dot, vintage and shabby chic style which i am going for.

The milk jug and sugar bowl was from my lovely niece Rebecca. As soon as she saw it in a Cambridge shop she thought of Auntie Clare!!!. The cutlery sets and tea towels were what i brought from NEXT on Saturday with some money i had already received.
I am having a lot of fun on-line looking at all of the gorgeous polka dot and red accessories etc. I am being sensible and looking for the best deals, especially on EBAY and Amazon. I have managed to get a dinner set buy one and get one half price by investigating. Im in red & white polka dot heaven at the moment lol!!!.

I had my Niece Rebecca to stay for a few days this week over the holidays which was fantasic. She came on Tuesday and we had plenty of fun and lots of crafting. I am just adding a lovely card which she made for her Mum for Mother's Day;

I am so proud of her as she made the whole card from start to finish on her own without any input. She started making her Dad a Birthday card but did not get it finished so she is going to come stay over the Easter holidays and finish it off and some other bits she had started. I love encouraging kids to get into crafting.

I would like to thank everyone for your lovely cards, emails, FB messages and texts this week it means so much. I am one lucky girl.

Will be back tomorrow with cards.

Big hugs Clare xxx

Friday, 25 February 2011

So Proud of my Friend!!!

Sorry i have not posted this week but been a very busy one. I am going to start my post by letting you all know that my beautiful friend Wendy is now at home recuperating.
She had the operation to remove the bowel cancer a week ago yesterday and she came home on Tuesday having had key-hole surgery.
She is a true inspiration to so many and stunned the doctors and nursing staff by her recovery. Wendy is one of the most positive people i know and i am sure this has got her through.
She has got to go back in 2 weeks time to see her surgeon and he will be able to tell her more about the op and whether she will need to undergo any chemo.

Wendy has decided that she is going on a mission when she is feeling better to make more people aware of free testing for bowel cancer, this is how she was diagnosed. Wendy was sent a testing kit through the post as in the UK they send these out when you are over 60.
Wendy had no symptoms at all and was suprised when an appointment came through to attend a follow up from the testing kit. She had to undergo tests and a biopsy where the bowel cancer was discovered. From start to finish it has been about 7 weeks from diagnosis to the operation.
Wendy has been looking into the origin of the testing as some of her friends have and some have not received these kits. She has had some friends who didn't go through with the test although they were sent the kits, needless to say they have now. This has saved Wendy's life and had she not been sent this information, well it would have been too late, they say that bowel cancer can be a silent killer and by the time it has been found it is too late.
I am so proud of Wendy and i will do all that i can to get the message out there for her.

Thankyou to everyone for your lovely messages and emails of support.

Clare xxx

Friday, 18 February 2011

A set of Florals, my Beautiful Friend & a Cheeky Pic!

Hi all!!!. I have been working so far this week on a set of cards.

Im sure a few of you know that i absolutely love fussy cutting!. Sometimes when im feeling a bit icky but fancy doing something crafty which does not require too much thought i usually get the tiny scissors out and some cuttable (is that even a word?) papers & cards and start snipping away. I made some cards up a few posts back using up the last bits of a 12x12 BoBunny range called Petal Pushers Doodles. If i fall in love with a 12x12 with lots of potential i usually have to get 2 or 3 sheets!!!. I know they will not get wasted and i won't feel so bad if the urge to cut the sheet overcomes me.
I made a resolution to try to make atleast 2 (hopefully more) of the same card each time i create. With all of the doodles from the gorgeous sheet i have made 8 cards but still have enough to make more. Here they are;

I am really into sentiments and wanted to keep them fairly simple. The sentiments are a combination of rub-on's and stamps. I just added a bit of bling to the florals and some coloured layers to the base. Although the cutting out can take me some time the cards took no time at all.

One of the cards i duplicated is going to my beautiful friend who has gone in today for a major operation. She was diagnosed with bowel cancer 6 weeks ago and the doctors were going to cut the bastard cancer out of her and get rid of it. She is in a lot of pain but the op went according to plan and she is in high dependency for the night where they can look after her. I am praying that all of the cancer is gone and that is it. She may need chemo but won't know until she is able to see the surgeon.
I cannot stop thinking of her and am praying that she is ok and that her pain subsides soon. Just feeling pretty helpless and wish i could take the last few terrible weeks away from her. She's a tough bird though and know she will be fine. Love you my beautiful friend xxx

On a funny note i snapped this pic of Simone yesterday!!!. Does she looked chiiled out or what?. Sorry it is blurry but she was so close to the lense.

And not forgetting Mr.B, he was a bit grumpy as he was tired!!!

Ok darlins, need to sleep now. Have a great day tomorrow and i will be back real soon.

Godbless. Love Clare xxx

Monday, 14 February 2011


Just wanted to spread the word about this so cute new blog started up today by Joanne at Crafting Pets Blogspot. It is a place that we can post pics of our perfect pets, wildlife or any creature which we happen to have in our lives. Go visit the site and show your support!!!!

Going to add these pics;

Simone on my crafty tote bag and Bert on my craft table. By the way, that nice purple bag now has no handle as Simone took it upon herself to chew, dribble and demolish it making it thread bare!!!! think she was using it as a teething ring, lol!!!.
I love my babies so can never get cross with them.

Take care all & have a great day!!!


The Beautiful Claire has set the next 2 weekly challenge with a fantastic sketch!!!!. The next deadline will be Sunday 27th Feb so why not come join me, Claire, Keryn, Crafty Chris and Pinky and make a start on those Christmas cards so time doesn't creep up quickly!!!!.

Just give one of us an email or comment on our blog and you will be included in the fortnighly email and have your turn to make up the criteria for a forthcoming challenge. Remember we have set this challenge up for fun and inspiration, there is no pressure, we are a fun and friendly group of gals and there for support and a few laughs along the way. Hopefully by the end of the year you should have atleast 20 cards towards your Christmas stash, even more if you decide to make a couple the same as you go.

Have fun, we are!!!.

Love Clare xxx


Just wanted to add some pics of Bert & Simone!!!

Simone is such a Mother hen with Bert. Gotta say though folks, after this last picture Bert lost his rag and got Simone into a headlock and started kicking her!. Well she did wake him up after all and he did tolerate her licking him to death for quite a while!!!.

They have been so good with me being sick this week. They are always good anyway and know when im poorly. They curl up with me on the bed and give me fusses which is so so nice. I reckon animals have such a way of making you feel better.

I love you Mr.B and Moo xxx

Sunday, 13 February 2011


Me and a few of my bloggy friends have decided that we want to get ahead with our Christmas cards this year and have decided to set each other a fortnightly challenge. We are going to take it in turns to set the challenge and this week was CRAFTY CHRIS' turn. Our challenge was to use Chris' card sketch.

Here is Chris' card!!!

So far in our group we have me, Keryn, Claire, Pinky and Chris. There are no hard or fast rules, just a group of friends wanting to encourage each other to get ahead with Christmas cards. We will take it in turns to set the fortnightly challenge to give us a theme to work to whether it be a sketch, colour, certain materials etc.
This coming fortnight will be the lovely CLAIRE'S turn so stayed tuned to her blog over the next couple of days. Please pop over to the girls blogs and leave a comment and remember anyone is welcome to play along at anytime, it is a bit of encouragement and a bit of fun.

So here is my card;



Come and join us when you can!!!!

Lots of love Clare xxx

Scrap Therapy Home Alone Card Challenge - Week 3

Due to the dreaded virus on my lappie i was late submitting last weeks challenge but i have entered it anyway to keep my mojo going!!!.

The card challenge for week 3 was to use only old or scrap stash which was set by the lovely ALLIE.

Here's my effort;



Thanks for stopping by my lovelies!!! xxx

An Update

So sorry i have not been around for a bit. As many of you know i started a new drug just over a month ago for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had my second round last Tuesday and unfortunately i have had to be taken off the trial as it has made me really poorly. When i had the first session i had about 3 days of feeling icky and had not noticed any relief. When i went for my second session Tuesday my Biologics nurse told me that most patients notice some sort of relief from treatment one, but not uncommon. After Tuesdays treatment i felt really poorly and am only just getting back on my feet today. My Rheumatologist has taken me off the trial as he said that i should not continue if i am getting this reaction and is obviously not suited to me.

I am having a break from trials for now and feel like my body needs a break. This week has been one of the worst with this disease for me and scarey especially not even having the energy to get out of bed which is just not me. Hopefully there will be something else out there in the future.

To make the week even worse some A-hole in cyberland decided they would send a virus to my beloved laptop, grrr!!!!. Not that i was well enough to even pick up my lappie this week, last Saturday evening a warning came up from "Security Shield" a so called anti-virus programme telling me that i had deadly viruses, trojans etc working it's way through my computer and there were hackers trying to access my password and card info, to get rid of them i had to pay $$$$$ to get rid of them. Yeah im not that gullible but i was unable to rid the screen of this annoying attatchment. I was really scared too as i worried they could access my card info. I could not do anything and i had a challenge i had pics ready to update and there was not a thing i could do.
Luckily i now have my beautiful pink lappie fixed so am ready to update!!!.

Hope all of my friends out there are well and keeping warm on this dull and miserable Sunday afternoon.

Bi hugs Clare xxx


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