Monday, 14 February 2011


Just wanted to add some pics of Bert & Simone!!!

Simone is such a Mother hen with Bert. Gotta say though folks, after this last picture Bert lost his rag and got Simone into a headlock and started kicking her!. Well she did wake him up after all and he did tolerate her licking him to death for quite a while!!!.

They have been so good with me being sick this week. They are always good anyway and know when im poorly. They curl up with me on the bed and give me fusses which is so so nice. I reckon animals have such a way of making you feel better.

I love you Mr.B and Moo xxx


  1. Awwwww what gorgeous photos Clare and then I nearly choked on my drink reading how Mr B got her in a headlock and started kicking her!! lololol!

    That really ruined a lovely moment there, just typical of fellas eh?!

    Keryn x

  2. ooooooohhhhh they are simply adorable ... love them to bits ...cats are my absolute faves... hey hunny thanks for leaving so many beautiful comments on my blog .. you are such a darling .. mmwahh .... big hugz too xoxo take are my sweetie ...xoxox


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