Friday, 25 February 2011

So Proud of my Friend!!!

Sorry i have not posted this week but been a very busy one. I am going to start my post by letting you all know that my beautiful friend Wendy is now at home recuperating.
She had the operation to remove the bowel cancer a week ago yesterday and she came home on Tuesday having had key-hole surgery.
She is a true inspiration to so many and stunned the doctors and nursing staff by her recovery. Wendy is one of the most positive people i know and i am sure this has got her through.
She has got to go back in 2 weeks time to see her surgeon and he will be able to tell her more about the op and whether she will need to undergo any chemo.

Wendy has decided that she is going on a mission when she is feeling better to make more people aware of free testing for bowel cancer, this is how she was diagnosed. Wendy was sent a testing kit through the post as in the UK they send these out when you are over 60.
Wendy had no symptoms at all and was suprised when an appointment came through to attend a follow up from the testing kit. She had to undergo tests and a biopsy where the bowel cancer was discovered. From start to finish it has been about 7 weeks from diagnosis to the operation.
Wendy has been looking into the origin of the testing as some of her friends have and some have not received these kits. She has had some friends who didn't go through with the test although they were sent the kits, needless to say they have now. This has saved Wendy's life and had she not been sent this information, well it would have been too late, they say that bowel cancer can be a silent killer and by the time it has been found it is too late.
I am so proud of Wendy and i will do all that i can to get the message out there for her.

Thankyou to everyone for your lovely messages and emails of support.

Clare xxx

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  1. This is fantastic news Clare and she should be an inspiration to us all ...... I think when you feel more positive, you tend to get through any operations and therapy and stand a better chance at the end of it all than those who feel more negative about it. I haven't heard of these tests being sent out at all, so would be interested to hear more. Big hugs, Claire x


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