Sunday, 13 February 2011

An Update

So sorry i have not been around for a bit. As many of you know i started a new drug just over a month ago for my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had my second round last Tuesday and unfortunately i have had to be taken off the trial as it has made me really poorly. When i had the first session i had about 3 days of feeling icky and had not noticed any relief. When i went for my second session Tuesday my Biologics nurse told me that most patients notice some sort of relief from treatment one, but not uncommon. After Tuesdays treatment i felt really poorly and am only just getting back on my feet today. My Rheumatologist has taken me off the trial as he said that i should not continue if i am getting this reaction and is obviously not suited to me.

I am having a break from trials for now and feel like my body needs a break. This week has been one of the worst with this disease for me and scarey especially not even having the energy to get out of bed which is just not me. Hopefully there will be something else out there in the future.

To make the week even worse some A-hole in cyberland decided they would send a virus to my beloved laptop, grrr!!!!. Not that i was well enough to even pick up my lappie this week, last Saturday evening a warning came up from "Security Shield" a so called anti-virus programme telling me that i had deadly viruses, trojans etc working it's way through my computer and there were hackers trying to access my password and card info, to get rid of them i had to pay $$$$$ to get rid of them. Yeah im not that gullible but i was unable to rid the screen of this annoying attatchment. I was really scared too as i worried they could access my card info. I could not do anything and i had a challenge i had pics ready to update and there was not a thing i could do.
Luckily i now have my beautiful pink lappie fixed so am ready to update!!!.

Hope all of my friends out there are well and keeping warm on this dull and miserable Sunday afternoon.

Bi hugs Clare xxx


  1. You're cetainly going through the mill girlie. Sorry to hear about your drugs trial - hopefully one day soon you will find something that suits you.

    Fab cards btw and well done with sticking with the Christmas challenge - I've already fallen by the wayside on project 52!

    Take care
    Claire x

  2. Aww babe its great to hear from you, but not so great that the trials have not worked for you. At least you gave them a shot and let's hope something else will come along soon for you. You just concentrate on getting yourself better. Also not good about your laptop - but as least its sorted now and you are back with us in blogland. Take care sweetie and catch up again very soon. Big hugs, Claire x

  3. So lovely to have you back in cyber space!

    Thankfully your pc was saved too and that nothing endangered your stash of gold either!

    Im sure you and your body will be glad of a little break from the drug trials. Lets hope its not too long before one is made that is far more suitable to you becomes available.

    Speak soon Clare Bear!
    Keryn x

    ps. I forgot to say, we're thinking of heading in your direction over Easter, in the 'van' if the weather stays dry!!


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