Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Creative Stitches & Hobbycraft

Hi everyone, just wanted to pop in & let everyone know that im EXCITED!!!! all being well i am going to the Creative Stitches & Hobbycraft Show at the Brighton Centre on Friday. It is running from Friday 5th - Sunday 7th, 9.30am to 5pm (Sat until 5.30pm). I have been waiting all year for this and it has not come soon enough!!!
I went last year on the Saturday but really wanted to go on the Friday this time. I am willing myself to be well enough as i have had a bit of an off two days with my Rheumatoid Arthritis so have been resting up. Last year when i went i spent 3 days in bed afterwards hardly able to walk, it was so worth every pain in my body though!!!!
This is the many pitfalls of the disease as you never know how you are going to feel day to day. One day you can feel reasonably human & later that day or the following day you can feel like you have been run over by a steamroller!!! At the moment my right elbow is in agony (even though i had steroid injection into the joint a couple of weeks ago) and my knees are bad. I have a massive ugly bruise like thingy on my right knee which came up over the weekend. My knee swelled up big time Friday & by Sat i had a fright when i had my bath & saw it!!! i have not banged it nor hurt it but it seems at times when i get a lot of joint swelling i seem to react with terrible bruising.
Anyways enough about my manky joints!!! is there anyone else out there going to the Brighton Centre Show??? or any other shows??? there are heaps out there at the moment across the UK, are there any good one's i OZ at the moment?
My darling husband has taken the day off on Friday to take me. I am meeting up with friends there who are going to be doing demo's etc. When i told Martin that i come back with them his reply was "i am coming back to pick you up!" even though it is about an hours drive, bless him. I think he know the pain that i am going to be in by the end!!! he told me that if i feel crap or unwell i must ring him & he will be back straight away to collect me. He did say about staying & walking around with me, NO WAY!!! you know what men are like even when you take them shopping, nightmare! no this is my little piece of heaven & nobody is going to stop me from getting in there buying up big, not even my Rheumatoid!!!!
I will be back over the weekend to fill you all in & let you know what i have managed to buy & how the day panned out.

I would like to take the time to thank everyone for their very kind & beautiful messages on my blog. I absolutely love getting your messages. I find it so encouraging & it makes my day. I never thought when i started up my blog in November the fun & joy it would bring & how many new friends i have made. It is great when you are feeling a bit low, it definititely lifts you up!!!

Hugs Clare xxx


  1. Oh Clare I so wish I was coming with you!!! Have a lovely time and I hope come Saturday you dont feel the pain too much.....Lots of goodies etc for you to play with.....Tell us all about it...luv marg xx

  2. I will come with you dear Clare & Marg...what a trio of gals we would be giggling around together!! If hoo.

    But do let us know all about it, & I honestly hope that you manage the day without too much horrid discomfort.....what a pain in the proverbial for my friend.

    Happy shopping too!!!
    Love xoxoxoxox

  3. Boy do i wish you gals could come, how much fun would that be!!! guess OZ is a little too far though.
    All of the pain will be worth it (i hope!). My 2 friends are now coming with me as they are not going to be demoing at the show so no need to meet them there. Dear hubby dropping us off & collecting us now. He is a little diamond!!! will certainly catch up with you over the weekend. Hugs Clare xxx

  4. Oh going Saturday! :-( im gonna miss you!



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