Monday, 1 March 2010

Cards for Charity

I am currently making loads of cards for St.Wilfred's Hospice to help raise funds towards a 10,000 freefall skydive which my hubby Martin is doing on 1st May.
Martin wants to take part in honour of my Mum who passed away at the hospice on 17th December 2008. It is something he has always wanted to do but even more so now after seeing the wonderful love & care that was given to Mum in her last days of life. The incredible dedication the staff give to their patients & the aftercare which is given to the families left behind is something that people never forget & does make the experience of bereavement & loss a little easier to bear.
One of my beautiful neighbours who works at the hospice & looked after Mum asked me a few weeks ago if i would like to make some cards for her to take in to one of the daycare centres for St.Wilf's she helps to run every week. I made a box of cards a couple of weeks ago & they all sold within a couple of days so i have been busy making more. All of the money that is raised will go towards Martin's skydive which will end up in donation to St.Wilfred's.
My neighbour has also asked me if i will go to the day centre one week with her to meet the patients/families & do some little demo's & talk about what i do etc, maybe get some more people interested in cardmaking. I would be totally honoured to do that.I have got my second round of treatment on Wednesday (yuck!) so maybe after a couple of weeks i will feel up to doing this. I will keep you all posted!!!

Just some cards i made over the weekend, hugs Clare xxx

Thanks for looking xxx


  1. Fab cards Clare, no wonder the others sold like hot cakes.

    Fab cause.

    Let me have you address and I will send a few your way too, cant say how many or give a date but they will come your way if you'll have them?

    My email is on my blog.

    Keryn x

    ps, almost forgot my manners, good luck with your treatment on wednesday! :-)

  2. Gees Clare...your cards are so beautiful & cutie too. What a wonderful idea to do for St Wilfs.....what can this little Aussie do to help??
    Hope your sore bits are behaving themselves & you are feeling reasonable.
    Love xoxoxoxo

  3. Oh Clare...there is a little something on my blog for you.....xxxx

  4. Thankyou so much girls for your kind offer's. It does not matter when or how many cards you can donate. It will be a long running project, even after the Skydive. Keryn i will email you my address hun. Hugs Clare xxx

  5. Your cards are stunning Clare! You are very talented and very generous! Love your blog! :)


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