Thursday, 4 March 2010

So Happy!!!

I am so happy because i have a card published in this months Craft Stamper magazine!!! it is my Gossamer Pink card which was one of three cards i entered in the Stamper of 2009 competition which i won the card entry with my flowerpot card. Katy Fox, the editor asked my permission to run a page in Reader Submissions (page 71) which is a step by step on how to create the card.
It has totally made my day as i was in hospital having treatment all day yesterday so it has perked me up no end!!!
The magazine is officially out tomorrow but you can see details on the upcoming magazine here. Also i am adding a sneaky peak of the page but you will have to go buy the mag for the details.

Thanks for stopping by!!! big hugs Clare xxx


  1. WOW hun - how cool is that!!
    Way to go girl.
    Teri xx

  2. Oh well done Clare that is such great news!! Ive already read it and it is a really great article. I hope you got on ok yesterday.

    What does it feel like to be printed like that? It must feel totally amazing?!

    Keryn x

  3. My heavens Clare...what a celebrity you are!!! I am in the presence of such beautiful cleverness!!
    I am SO VERY happy for you dear friend.....what a wonderful thing to happen......I will try to buy this mag here.
    This is such well deserved by you.
    Love Deb xxx

  4. Congratulations beautiful Clare.......I wish we were able to buy this magazine here...You are just way too clever....Hope you are feeling well again.....luv marg xxx

  5. Looks like we might have to get a special shipment of that mag sent down under.
    Congratulations Miss Clare, that card just happens to be one of my all time favourites!!! Ever since I saw the one you sent to Marge I have loved that flower and the way you do it. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Thankyou my lovely friends. It is so exciting, hope you didn't mind me sharing(don't want you to think i am being a big head!!!). Isn't it great though to do something that you are so passionate about & to actually get recognised is a very big bonus. This is my first one to be published. I won the Stamper competition with the flowerpot card but this feels more like "all my own" hope that makes sense.
    Margi i had planned to get you a copy as you sent me your one but will get extra copies ok.
    Thankyou again my friends. Big love & hugs Clarey xxx

  7. Sorry forgot to say!!! treatment went ok on Wednesday. Feel better today than yesterday but i know i have to take each day as it comes. It is now a case of waiting to see if it helps or not. You would think it would especially after 2 bags of steroids too!!! xxx

    Thats so cool!
    I have a very clever little sister :-)
    Well done chickie im very proud of you xxx

  9. Huge congrats! My copy not here yet :(

  10. Little can sprout as much as you are so creative & it is so exciting! xxxx

  11. A great big CONGRATUALTIONS from me too! What a wonderful achievement. You are one very talented lady! Well deserved!

    Luv Shelee and Holly :)

  12. Congratulations on getting you card published Clare! Thanks for popping by my blog and for the lovely comment! Hugs to you too! :)


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