Monday, 14 June 2010

An Update & Some Birthday Cards

Hi folks! sorry i have not been in blogland for a while but have been having some bad days lately with my Rheumatoid. I ended up going to the hospital on Thursday for steroid injections which have helped a lot but unfortunately they are quite short lived so will be making the most of it!!!. Back to the Rheumatologist on 22nd so will find out about a new drug trial which i was informed about on Thursday.

Anyway enough about my ailment crap!!! back to cards. It was the hubsters birthday yesterday and as his love for cats is as big as mine i knew i had to get my new Magenta cat stamps to work (i have been itching to use them on that spesh card);

They totally look like my little furbabies Bert & Simone which was my ultimate reason for buying them, he he!!

The pp i have used is by Clare Curd for Papermania, Prima flowers, brown organza ribbon (to blend in with brown fur!), bling and cannot remember who the sentiment is by.

Just another quicky card with a Penny Black image i was sent. I delved into a colour i wouldn't normaly use, a splash of red. I am trying to step out of my comfort zone of colours, the next maybe orange!!!

Just a quick hedgie update, i had the dreaded job of cleaning out the hedgehog cabins last week. Eeeww it was gross, good job i love them!!! the cabins were empty so took the decision to have a clean up. Unfortunately since i have done this they have vacated during the daylight hours. They go in there during the night though so atleast they have a resting spot. I wanted them clean in the hope that any pregnant Mum's would be comfy to have her hoglets, i still live in hope!!!
Over the past week i have witnessed a hedgie throwing up, sneezing & hobbling!!! on Saturday night one even looked right up at me behind the conservatory door & put his/her front paws on the door ledge. I gently opened the door and i was able to pet the hedgie for about 5 minutes. This is the type of reward i live for. It is as if they are thanking me for looking after them.

Have a great day everyone.

Big hugs Clare xxx


  1. Loving the pussie cat card hun - gorgeous teamed with pinke and black. Cute hedgie card too.
    Thanks for the update on the (not so) fluffs?!!
    Hope you get on well with the specialist. . .
    Teri xx

  2. I love all your cards!! so cute! Hope you felling better soon.

  3. Sorry to hear you have been having a rough time and hope the injections give you some relief from the pain. Hubby's card is fantastic! Love the cats and the hedgehog one is so pretty too the red looks wonderful! Take Care. Tracey x

  4. love those cat cards Clare.

  5. Oh Clare here is hoping you start to feel much better real soon.....Love your cards and especially love the hedgie one....luv marg xxx

  6. Love your cards!! Hope you are feeling better xx

  7. Sorry to hear things have been a bit rough of late - poor love! But, those cards are just adorable! Hedgies are too cute.

  8. Hi Clare. I'm sorry to hear you are not well. Hope you'll be feeling better soon.
    I absolutely adore your cards! Great job.
    Look after yourself.
    M xxx

  9. Hi gorgeous girl. Firstly, so unhappy to hear you have been having a rough trot of late. (how Australian is that, huh?) I hope your doc can pull a nice rabbit out of the hat with this new medication. x

    Those cards are purrrrfect :D. Love them to bits. I have a thing for Penny Black hedgehogs so I loved your hedgie card too.

    ((Hugs)) for you . C xx


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