Friday, 16 July 2010

Wowsers More Coming in!!!!!

Howdy everyone, sorry im a little late tonight but had the girls over to help me sift through all of the beautiful cards which are still arriving each day. Apart from Dawny and Amanda pawing away in envy and "ooooh's and aaaahhh's" we did actually get all of the cards priced up which was such a big help.

Ok firstly, today not only did i get a visit from Mr.Postie but Mr.Royal Mail Van Driver!!!

Well to say me and the cats were excited is an understatement! i managed to distract Simone for 5 seconds with treats long enough to get this pic! so today i would like to say a very big thankyou to;

Please go take a look at their beautiful work over on their blogs. Thankyou so much girls you are so so generous.
I am so excited about Saturday now with having so many gorgeous cards to temp everyone with!!!

So tonight the girls were over and we decided to take some random pics of the cards and us generally pratting around!!!

I know, not the most flattering pics of us but it was late, hot and we were tired!!!!

Right off to bed so will be back tomorrow. Thankyou once again all of you very lovely and kind cardmakers out there.


Love Clare xxx


  1. Wooooeeeeee Clare, how AMAZING is all that!!!!! No wonder you are chuffed.Glad you had some help to get them all priced.I will send some with Helen over the weekend..xxoo PS....I am so sorry I missed sending a reminder about a phone call...Next week hey !!!!:)

  2. wow looks like you are all drowning in cards there.

  3. Hi honey - glad the package arrived safely and you are more than welcome. Hope you have a fabby day Saturday and can't wait to hear how much you raise from it. Big hugs, Claire x

  4. Hello you!

    Im guessing you are the one that appears twice in the photos? If not, that lady looks remarkably like your sister Helen!

    OMGosh I cant believe how many cards youve got there, it looks fab and Im so pleased that you will be able to hold your head high at the charity fund raiser for St.Wilfs as Im sure they will all be a HUGE hit!

    I will be there with you in spirit!

    Thanks for sharing the photos it's lovely to see them all at it makes us feel that we are involved too!

    Speak soon,
    Keryn x

    ps. Clare those photos of you are so SUPER, you are one beautiful girl!

  5. Wow that is so cool!!!!!!
    Hoe tomorrow goes really well and you raise heaps of money with Cameron!!!!
    cant wait to chat on sunday and hear all about it!


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