Sunday, 5 December 2010

Some Hedgie Info & Pics I Would Like to Share With You All!

Hello my lovelies! i just wanted to share some information to all of you caring folk out there who have been emailing me about the hedgies. A lot of you want to know why they have not hybernated yet so thought i would fill you in on what i know.

Usually Hedgehogs hybernate between Nov/Dec to Mar/Apr. A lot depends on how cold the winter months are as to how long they are around for. The only reason they hybernate is to survive the winter as food is so scarce for them at these times. When the little guys go into hybernation mode their metobolic rate drops dramatically so they burn much less fat. This is why hedgies need to store up as much fat during the summer/autumn months as without it they will not live through winter (this is why so many do not wake up and die in their nests).

Very often the hedgies wake from their hybernation several times, especially if food is available to them (like in my garden!) and often they have more than one nest (some have up to 12!!!) which they may move to especially if their current one is under threat from preditors or the elements (not enough insulation due to the weather etc).

So now you all know why i leave food out every night of the year come hail or storm. Infact it is encouraged even during hybernation. Cat food (meat and biscuits) is the best things that humans can put down for them but usually suggested is chicken flavoured only for their digestion.

If anyone would like more info please do not be scared to ask as i love these creatures so much and would encourage anyone to do their bit to help our little endangered friends. I have added this link to the British Hedgehog Preservation Society which makes great reading with loads of facts including encouraging them into our gardens.


Thankyou for dropping in guys. Take care and keep warm in UK and cool in OZ!!!.

Love Clare xxx


  1. Ah! They are so cute ;)
    xoxo Sioux

  2. Hi ya hun
    aww thanks fabby piccies, i use to have a hedgie but mot seen him for a long time, keep up the good work, hugs, sue,x

  3. They are so cute Clare, glad you are looking after them well. Hugs, Claire x

  4. Well theres a very happy little family of hedgies camped up at yours this winter Clare and from all that you do for them Im just surprised there are hundreds more there!!

    I was fascinated to read that they could have upto 12 homes during the winter period! Blimey thats even more than royalty! :O

    I know youve seen their little footprints in the snow to and from the food dishes so it's lovely for you to know they are being well cared for!

    Keryn x

  5. HIya Miss cute are your hedgies...and great reading all that info.Can't believe they have up to 12 nests, and that snail sneaking up to munch on some food is cute.

    Will send you a piccy of my Ebony soon..she has grown sooo much.Take care, hope you are well and keep warm.

    XX Mel


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