Wednesday, 1 December 2010

UPDATES!!!! Coffee morning, thankyou's, health, pics..............

I have decided my New Year Resolution is to stop being a God awful blogger!!!.

I can't believe how quickly the weeks are going by and just how busy my life has been.
I am feelin a lot more recovered from my hospital visit although it has taken a good few weeks. Off to see a specialist in a couple of weeks. Good news when i saw my Rheumatologist is that i am set for a new drug trial. I will have to spend the day in hospital one day a month to have infusions but if it is going to work it will be well worth it. I know there is no cure but to help slow it down and help with the pain will be good if it works, plus it will mean coming off the steroids. Will update you in the forthcoming weeks.

So Saturday we had the big weekend for me and Wendy with our St.Wilfred's coffee morning. I am so so happy to announce that it was a huge success and although the end figures are yet to be announced we reckon we had made near on £500! not bad for a 2 hour coffee morning hey!. Here are some pics of my table and some random shots. Bear in mind this is before everyone arrived!!!.

I would like to say a big big thankyou to all of the kind girls who have donated cards. I do hope i do not leave anyone out of my list, here goes;

I would also like to say a big thankyou to my lovely friend Keryn who is a constant support to me and always there for me to bend her ear and ask her advice, not only on crafty issues!!!.

I would also like to add some pics of some other sights from Saturday which really shows that winter is definitely here!.

The weather is still really bad here in the South East and not sure when it is due to improve. Hope all of my Aussie friends enjoy the pics!!!.

I am taking a well earned rest at the moment but already i am starting to get twitchy and wanting to create. I am so over doing Christmas stuff though!!!. Maybe i need to start using some stamps and bits that i have not used yet.

I promise that i will let you know when the figures are announced for the coffee morning and will stop neglecting my blog in future, afterall i have missed everyone big time.

Big love and hugs Clare xxx


  1. Hi ya hun
    glad things went well at the hospital for you. Wow your tables looks fabulous, you should feel so proud raising that much money, well done, no snow here, may get some 2nite they say!! sue,xx

  2. Hi Clare

    Well done on the sales, looks fab. Dunno how I missed it!?? Good luck with the drug trials, fingers crossed it works for you.

    Hope you haven't looked out of your window tonight - you'll be in for a shock! DD's just popped outside with a ruler and we have approx 13cm of the white stuff with more forecast!

    Take care.

    Claire x

  3. You had a bunch of crafts for wonderful thank you cards here.

  4. Glad all went well with the sales. Looks like you had loads of goodies.
    Hope the trials go well for you hun. Stay safe and warm!
    Teri x

  5. Oh yummy everything looks beautiful Clare!
    Glad you did so well........lots of work but so worth it hey?

  6. oh WOW Clare, look at all of these xmas treats! You can tell just how many days and nights youve spent putting all of this together!
    I love your candles and the calendars and the decorated boxes are beautiful!

    When I saw your boxes all proudly displaying Wendy's Christmas cakes I can see why you were going box crazy a few days before!!

    So lovely to see your new gorgeous hairstyle on your blog - another fine cracker there I have to say!!

    Cant wait to find out the final tally for the coffee morning and how lovely that some of the patients came to visit and bring their support to you on the day also, especially in the snowy conditions.

    Id better get to bed now or I'll still be sat here when Steve gets home from his shift!!

    Will catch you tomorrow!
    Keryn xx

  7. Thanks girls for your lovely comments!.

    Funny Keryn as there was more stuff i had made under the table too as didn't want to put everything out at once (plus there wasn't enough room!!!). The 8 Chrissy cakes that you see were all that were left, there was actually 20 origionally!!! definitely box crazy making 40 tops and bottoms, aagghh!!!. We are still waiting for the the totals but i think because of all of the snow a lot of people have been off work etc so they are behind. Will announce as soon as i know.

    I am getting used to my new "do" now. A lot better once it has been straightened as i look like a cave woman when i first wake up!!!.

    Big hugs and a big thankyou for your support girls. Love Clarey xxx

  8. I'm sorry that I didn't realise when your winter fundraiser was to be, I would have sent you some more cards!
    I glad it went well!


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