Friday, 14 January 2011

Australian Flood Devistation - Lets Help!!!!!

I would like to appeal to all of my blog buddies!!!!

As im sure you are all well aware, the devastating floods in Australia have not only affected the citizens but also the animals, whether it be pets, cattle or wildlife. So many have lost their lives over the past few days and many have been injured or left homeless.

Guess you all know by now, i am the biggest animal lover and i would really love to do something to help as i do feel totally helpless seeing these images and speaking to all of my Aussie friends and also Helen my sister who lives in Queensland (luckily she was not in the affected areas).

I have added a link to one of the many animal charities that i support and 100% of all of the donations will go to the appeal.


There are many more charities out there collecting for the welfare of animals for the Australian floods and i am sure each one is as good as the other and at the end of the day as long as all of the funds go to the cause to help, that is all we want.

So what am i going to do???? as many of you know i had my first round of the drug trial for my Rheumatoid on Tuesday (all went well by the way) and as a treat my friend said that we should both go have a pampering and get our nails done this coming Wednesday. It is going to cost £30 which is a lot of money to me but thought "bugger it, i deserve a treat!!!".
But NO!!! there is absolutely no way that i could sit there being pampered now knowing about all of this devistation going on out there. I am going to donate the £30 i would be spending to the THE ANIMAL RESCUE SITE which will help pay towards rescue, food, shelter, vetinary costs...........etc.

So my blogger friends, are you prepared to sacrifice something in your life for this needed cause??? even if it is £2.00 or £5.00 or £100 im sure that we can do without something which, lets face it, do we really need????.

Here are some pictures which may help you to decide;

Please, please, please help these beautiful creatures!!!

Thankyou for listening friends xxxx 

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  1. Hello,

    Oh what photos they are Clare, some are of animals Ive no idea what they are but they are all in such need of help.

    However, please dont hate me as you know I always try to help out where I can but having heard the story of the teenage boy who was swept away having told the rescuer to save his younger brother first I feel I have to give to the whole charitable fund. I couldnt really donate only to the animal charity even though if I had enough cash you know I would support both.
    I have though made a donation the the Queensland Mayors Appeal and hope that they will see fit to help as many people and creatures as they can.

    I dont think Ive explained it very well though but its great that youve highlighted it to us all and I hope the floods are very soon gone so that everyone and everything can try to resume some sort of 'normal' again over there.

    Keryn x


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