Monday, 11 April 2011


Hi there folks!!! Had an amazing time at Ally Pally yesterday but definitely paying for it today! im on the heavy duty painkillers today but it was so well worth the pain. Not only the early start, the non stop walking but the 4 hours being on the coach are the cause!!!. Ally Pally is an amazing place and the best craft show i have ever been to.
I was so happy as i got to meet the gorgeous Sylvie (Gibmiss) and some of her awesome friends. We met when we got there and then we met up for lunch. I also got to meet Debby (Deb4000) and she is just lovely. I just wish there had been more time to have a good get together.

Me and Amanda, my friend that i went with, managed to spend some money. Here is a pic of my stash;

You are probably wondering what the wooden box is all about. There was an amazing stall selling alternate art projects with plenty of MDF!!! i love painting and making different things that cost £££££ made up in shops. Lots of shapes to make hanging photo frames, door signs, ornamental shapes to hang from doors etc. They were so so cheap. That box only cost £4.00 which i am going to make up for a memory box my friend Wendy.
Got some gorgeous House Mouse stamps and lots of odds and sods.

Although i am in agony today i am already thinking about the September show (gluton for punishment i know!). So nice meeting lots of different people and funnily enough when me and Amanda were getting on the coach there were 2 ladies that i knew so even if you went on your own everyone is so friendly and you are bound to see people that you know or make new friends with.

I heard earlier from Sylvie and she got back to Gibraltar safetly and she said what a wonderful time she had had.

Thanks for stopping by.
Big hugs, Clare xxx


  1. Oh jealous :p I didn't get to go!!!

    Liking the look of your stash - I'm really into altering stuff at the moment and it's been a struggle to find a good supplier. Can't wait to see what you create.

    Claire xx

  2. Lovely goodies, sorry to hear you are in pain but you will enjoy using these cant wait to see what you do with the box, I love to see altered items.
    Chris x

  3. Wow hun, fabbie stash! So chuffed that you had a good day but sorry that you are now suffering for it babes (osteo does that too, you really do have to pace yourself). Hoping that a couple of rest days will have you feeling better. Gentle hugs darl, Sxxx PS.I you hear a scream and a crash, it's me smashing this ***ing laptop to smithereens. aargh.

  4. Don't know if previous attempt at a comment reached you hun .... keep losing broadband connection. *****ing Wi-fi is the biggest load of **** ever invented! Can you tell I'm cross? Blaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  5. Oh my squirrely girl don't worry i got it darl. So frustrating hey, bloody broadband!!!. Love ya loads xxx

  6. Oh Clare what a lovely day you had...And loads of new stash to play with. Hope you start feeling ok again real soon honey. You goods are postal xxxxx Luv marg xxxx

  7. Oooo look at all those goodies and I am loving all the MDF stuff to - what fabulous finds. Glad you had a fabby time and met up with people you knew - so jealous! Take care today hunni and don't overdo it. Big hugs, Claire xx

  8. It was lovely to meet you Clare, just wish there was more time to chat.
    I know how you're feeling suffering too, but wouldn't miss it for the world.

  9. ooooh Im not envious of all of that pain though but the trip sounds totally amazing!

    Part of me would love to go but I really dont know that I could manage it!

    What a beautiful table of stash Clare, I cannot wait to see your altered items especially!

    Keryn x

  10. Im so glad you had a great time......very jealous here too!


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