Sunday, 3 April 2011


Feeling very mixed today. Happy as it is Dad's 78th Birthday and sad because i wish my Mum was here to celebrate Mother's day. I would like to share one of my fave pics of them both on my wedding day.

Im trying to be nice and cheery around Dad and im going to make him a nice dinner tonight. Martin came over today and we gave him some pressies (including Benedorm series 1 to 3!), a CD and some chocolate so he was very happy with that. My sis and kids were over yesterday and Rebecca made Grandad a huge chocolate cake.


I managed to find a beautiful angel windchime from Past Times to put on Mum's memorial tree. We have all placed some lovely flowers and her card down and i just know Mum would be chuffed to bits with everything.

Thankyou for letting me share these pictures with you. Would like to say Happy Mother's Day to all and big hugs to all who have lost their beautiful Mum's.

Love you Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Lovely picks Clare same here on a day like this it makes it worse.
    Chris x

  2. Aww hun, the piccies are amazing and it's great to see you giving your Dad a fab Birthday! Have a fab meal tonight darlin' and you take care and keep smiling cos your Mum will be smiling down on the both of you. Hugs, Claire xxxx

  3. Lovely photo of your mum & dad on your wedding day Miss Clare, & lovely photos of your dad now. Your tree is so lovely & so is the little wind chime, with your card too.
    Hope you had a delightful meal together. xxxxx

  4. Hi hun
    fab piccies hugs to you

  5. Awww Clare sending you hugs hun. x

  6. Lovely photos Clare and so nice of you share something so special to you. I love the idea of the tree and it looks so lovely. Happy Birthday Helen and Clare's dad.xxxxxx luv marg xxx

  7. Great photos Clare thanx for sharing
    Dad looks so cute!!!!!
    And wow the tree is really growing mum would love it xxx

  8. Hi Clare....oh how I feel for you bless, thank heaven for your lovely Dad....big hugs margaret


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