Sunday, 19 June 2011


My little Simone has been really poorly all week, she spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at the vets. She seemed to be picking up but drastically went down hill yesterday.

It all started last Sunday when she started with a yucky brown discharge coming out of her nose and a weepy closed up eye. I also noticed she had a red and raw hind paw. She kept licking it and when i investigated it was all yucky, red and infected. First thing Monday she was at the vets.

Her vet Gemma said she had a nasty infection in her paw and some sort of viral infection going on in her nose & throat. She had a raging temperature and was not eating or drinking. She gave her anti-inflammatory & antibiotic injections which she had for 3 days on the trot and then i was given oral antibiotics to give her at home. Gradually she started picking up.

Yesterday Morning when we woke up she was really sheepish and wouldn't eat or drink at all. She was so listless and down and by the evening she looked like she was in a lot of discomfort. I was even trying to get fluids down with a syringe so she wouldn't get dehydrated. I couldn't even get her antibiotics in to her and i noticed she was really struggling to swallow.

This morning i got Simone straight into the vets and when he examined her she had a temperature of 40.5!!! she had all nasty lesions in her mouth and by then a nasty crusty scab on her nose. She has finally been diagnosed. It's CAT FLU!!!.
Although she is vaccinated annually and an indoor cat she has somehow managed to get it. Apparently it is like human flu where we can still get it despite having the flu vaccine but we just do not get it as bad.

My poor baby girl. Thankfully he has given her a slow release injectable antibiotic (which will cover her for 2 weeks) so she will not get stressed out having to have them by mouth. He also gave her a high dose anti-inflammitory with painkiller for her pain. I have got to take her back tomorrow and if she hasn't picked up she will have to stay in and go onto a drip. If she is a bit better i will be able to give her oral painkillers to keep her comfortable. My little angel is going to need a lot of care as it will take her a while to get over it. She has picked up quite a bit since she has been home and has managed to have a little water and some special food the vet prescribed. She seems to pick up more once the painkillers take effect. 

This is my beautiful baby girl tonight. Look at her poor nose. She looks so bony where she has not been eating.

I am praying that my Bert will not get it. The vet said that there is no reason why he should as he reckons the reason Simone has got it is because she was low through getting an infected paw.



Please will everyone pray for my little girl and also pray that Bert doesn't get it. I will keep you all up to date on her progress.

Thankyou for listening

Big hugs Clare xxx


  1. Ooooh what a poorly girl. I hope she gets better soon. It's so sad when our pets get ill.

    Thinking of you.


  2. Oh dear, thats not good at all - Cat flu eh!? Fingers crossed that she will start to pick up now hun, poor thing. Do let us know how she progresses. Hugs, Claire x

  3. Dear Clare, try not to be in CAN get of our cats once had cat flu and although he was very poorly for a few weeks he DID get over it and lived a long and happy life. I hope the antibiotics do the trick for your sweet bundle of fur.
    xoxo Sioux

  4. Thankyou lovely ladies, your comments mean a lot to me, and simone. At the moment she is laying under my Mum's dressing gown which really seems to comfort her. Funny since Mum's been gone she has a thing about the gown, reckon Mum has some healing powers in there!!! xxx

  5. Hi hun
    aww bless i hope she feels better real soon hun, im sure with you looking after hun she will make a speedy recovery, awful when our pets are poorly, hugs, sue,xx

  6. Awww I hope she gets better soon. Fingers crossed that she gets better soon and that Bert doesn't get it. x

  7. Ahhhh poor little puss I do hope she gets better soon, keep us informed.
    Chris x

  8. Poor little girl. Thanks heavens the vet knew what it was and can treat it. My kitties and I will keep her in our thoughts and prayers.

  9. Oh No!! Poor little baby!! I'm keeping everything crossed for the poor wee fluff, and I hope the little boy doesn't get it. I know how virulent these things can be. We were very lucky our four cats didn't catch that when they were alive.
    Give her a big snuggle from me hun!
    Teri xx

  10. Thinking of you sweetie. Hugs xxx

  11. Hello you!

    Thought Id add my love and best wishes for you both on here as well as what weve just done!!

    Awww seeing her head in your hand really shows how awful she must have been feeling but its so good to hear that shes feeling a bit better today; keep up the good work with her Clare as its obviously paying off!

    Keryn x

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  13. Aww poor Simone, bless her little paws she does look poorly in these pics Clare. Sending you both hugs and get well wishes from us all at Templemoyle, with your TLC Im sure she will be back on her paws again soon xx

  14. Hi, Hope everything is alright, know what its like when one of your pets are ill, they are like your babies, get well soon Simone.
    Kerry. x

  15. Big hugs to beautiful Simone!!
    I hope she is better soon Clare :0)


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