Friday, 10 June 2011

Really Not Sure Where to Start...........

So just going to give you as brief an update as possible.  Since my last update i have been really poorly and had another 2 bad flare ups with the kidney stones. In the end i had to have an emergency hospital appointment with a Urologist on Wednesday evening to be told that i have got to have an operation.
I am not sure how long it will be but i am on an emergency list. Although i have been passing stones (well more like grit!) the specialist thinks that it is only particles from much bigger stones inside. He needs to remove the stones and to check if there has been any damage to my kidneys. I am hoping that they can be removed easily as it will be open surgery if not.
At the moment i am on painkillers and the specialist has put me on a drug to try to prevent any further, although until they can tell what type and what is causing them it will be a bit hit & miss.
He has told me that it is not a very nice op and will take 2 to 3 weeks to get over it and be pain free as such. You know the way i feel at the moment guys, it surely cannot be any worse than the beginning of a flare up as you just do not know what to do with yourself when you are in agony, throwing up and sweating profusely!!!. I can honestly say that i have never know pain like it and i have experienced a lot in my lifetime.

So i am going to keep you all updated, try and get back into creating as i have not done any in weeks and got so much to do. I also have a few things to share with you all so please bear with me. I may be slow but i will get there!!!.

Thankyou to all of my lovely friends who have been emailing, texting, phoning and sending cards. It really does make me feel better.

Lots of love
Clare xxxxx


  1. Oh Clare, you poor thing but at least you are now heading in the right direction. I hope the opp turns out to be successful and as unobtrusive as possible. Take it easy, lol, what else can you do! and keep us posted. Will be thinking about you. Hugs

  2. Hope you don't have to wait too long Clare. Take care, I'll be thinking about you. Carol x

  3. Hi sweetie I swear I have just been reading about myself.......I am going through the EXACT same thing I got an emergency urologist appointment 2 weeks ago at the hospital & am currently waiting on CT scans they think I have kidney stones but are not sure all of my pain is down to that or if I have something else as well. The strongest pills I am on is Tramadol which I was on anyway for abdomen & spine probs so they are doing nothing for the kidneys which is daily torture, I live in constant pain!!
    I really do know where you are coming from & I'm even living in jammies cus clothes hurt unless its sweat pants lol.....anything else just causes worse pain.
    I really hope you get the app through real soon hun & that you are soon free from this awful pain. Keeping you in my thoughts hun.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  4. oh my darling girl sooooooooo sorry to hear about your health ...constant pain is so difficult to bear ... you are totally courageous and strong ...I am thinking of you and sending lots of healing light ... take care sweetness .. love always Heather x

  5. Aww hun like you don't have enough pain already. I fully sympathise with you on this one. Hope things get sorted soon. Claire xx

  6. Sending loads of love Clare xxxx

  7. Dearest Clare.....what a bummer!
    But morphine is a godsend no?
    Remember when I had that myself with appendix makes the world seem much better!
    I know you will soon be sorted and will be pain free once again....but the agony whilst it's there is too much sometimes I know.
    xoxo Sioux

  8. Hello sweetie, thanks for the update. You really are in the wars - let's hope that the operation albeit a not very nice one, will sort out those pesky stones. Try and keep positive hun, let's hope they get you in very soon. Big hugs, Claire x

  9. Oh dear Clare, it is terrible to read how ill you have been, & now need an op!!
    I really hope that you recover & have no more of these stones, as they certainly sound dreadful! My 31 year old son, has just had a first (& hopefully last) kidney stone, as his medication for an overactive thyroid seems to make these I have seen that pain, & it was awful just watching!!!
    I hope that you are still able to sit with your kitties, & also sometimes work on a card too. Keep up the sanity!
    Lots of hugs dear Clare, xxxxxxxx


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