Thursday, 7 July 2011


Well this is the 3rd year now that i have been looking after these little critters and i have had the hardest so far this year. So far there has been 4 casualties and only 1 out of those 4 have so far survived.
I have a very heavy heart today after finding out about my lastest little poorly hog that i called Willow. He turned up on Sunday evening and i noticed he had lots of ticks on him. I brought him in and managed to remove 6. On further examination i noticed he had a massive laceration/abscess on his tummy which was very badly infected. Poor little thing must have been in a lot of pain but just seemed so sprightly considering. He spent the night being well looked after in the cosy indoor cabin with plenty of food and water. First thing Monday i took him straight down to the vet and we all thought his prospects seemed good.
When the vet sedated Willow the damage was a lot worse and the infection had spread deep into tissue and into the muscle, going right into his bladder. They would have had to remove so much tissue that he would not have been able to do a wee so it was best to let him go. I know that everything was done for him as they have to try to keep these little hoggies alive as they are decreasing at an alarming rate.
I really though that Willow was going to be a survivor but sometimes the damage can be too bad and they would suffer so much.


I love these little creatures so much and as hard as it is losing them i just have to say to myself that i am making a difference and by feeding them and looking after them it may make their lives a little easier. The vet said to me that the sick one's i have found would be suffering so much out there on their own and would have a very  painful & slow death so by putting them to sleep really is helping them when they are that sick.

One thing i always notice when i have looked after a hedgehog is that when i go into the conservatory to clean up i always find a little white feather. This to me is a lovely sign.

Last night when i took the nightly food out i was met with a hedgehog trotting around the lawn waiting for his food!!! that is what keeps me going when i feel sad about losing one. He looked up at me when i shone the torch down on him and he looked up at me as if knowing it was "food time". Last night i saw seperate hoggies so i know there are still plenty around in my garden.

Thanks for listening.

Hugs Clare xxx


  1. Ahh, how sweet Clare. You have a very loving heart, and I am sure that they know you give them all love and attention. Carry on the good work.
    Love Sandra xx

  2. Aww Clare so sorry to read about Willow but you did everything you could for him and helping peacefully into the next life shows that. These little animals do have a way of breaking ours heart love and its tough but you are doing a great job and it does make a big difference. Keep up the good work!


  3. Hi Clare...glad to see you back on the scene a bit ....but you must take care sweetie....such a shame and so heartbreaking but you are an angel to all.......
    loved the christmas club cards....looking forward to the next one, hugs Margaret


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