Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Two Cards One Stamp

Ok im a bit too hot today guys. I know i shouldn't moan but really feeling it today and not in a good way. I used my Methotrexate injection today so that probably hasn't really helped. Right whinging over!!! hope everyone is well and that YOU are enjoying the heat.

I made a couple of Christmas cards at the weekend using the same Lily of the Valley stamp. It is one of my favourite's and find it really flexible with papers and card.

Atleast my Christmas stash is increasing although i still want to make plenty more before December. So glad that we have the Christmas Club going (see on my sidebar) which is so inspiring and a lovely group of girls. If you are interested and want more information on the group just send me a comment and i will email you. 

Love and hugs Clare xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. So cute but so different! Love em both Clare and I always think if we don't have the heat we won't appreciate the cold, or vice versa right?

  2. Two fabulous cards, isn't it amazing how one image can look so different - love both of them hun. It's been far too hot for me too - I used to be able to sit out in the heat all day long getting that perfect tan! Not any more LOL. Hugs, Claire x

  3. These are lovely Clare and look totally different. Weather has been perfect here today after rain yesterday. Carol x

  4. Amazing how different that one stamp can look, but both are gorgeous, & such a sweet stamp too. xxxxxxxx

  5. Love your beautiful, adorable cards Clare.

  6. Your cards are beautiful as always Clare! Love seeing your creations! :)

  7. Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well today. I swear the heat does me in with the ME and FM. Love the Christmas cards! I need to get in the craft room but having trouble staying upright this week.

  8. Beautiful!

    I had to double take then as at first I didnt think that it was the same stamp - yeah I know, Im a doughnut!

    They look so incredibly different, its great!

    Think my fav just has to be the polka dots in red & white!! You cant go wrong with red dots!! As your kitchen proves!

    Keryn x


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