Thursday, 22 September 2011


This is why I have not been around a lot!!! I am looking after these dear little baby hedgehog's (sorry hoglets!) who lost their Mum and I am having to bottle feed them as they should still be feeding off her. They are the most adorable little babies you could meet and these are the youngest I have ever handled. 
As you can imagine they are real little time waster's too!!!. I have had so many visitor's who have wanted to come see them the past few day's. They are a pretty rare sight to see so really wanted to share them with you and will be updating you with picture's. 

Ummm yes, they are standing in their food eating!!!. They have not quite grasped the concept of manner's yet. I am trying to get them used to solid food which is why it is there so it is all a learning process for them. I tell you what I am getting through so many baby wipes!!!.

Promise to be back soon with more photo's and updates so bear with me. I am still trying to make cards for the fundraiser's in between the feeds, cleaning them and everything else in my life!. 

Nite nite xxxx


  1. Oooooh Gorgeous - soooooo cute!!!


  2. Aww you are doing a fab job Clare, great pics. Hugs, Claire x

  3. They are adorable Clare! Do they ever bite and how will you let them go when they are old enough? I would want to keep them all!

  4. Hi Amanda! right to answer your questions. Baby hedgies do nibble, a bit like puppies and kittens as they are getting used to their teeth and trying to work out what they do!!! it doesn't really hurt. The only times adult hedgies bite is if they are feeling threatened if they cannot protect themselves by curling up in a ball. They can also nip if they are in pain. In general though hedgehogs are such a placid little creature and i would say biting is a last resort for them!. I am definitely going to keep them until they are atleast 400g (they are are around the 200g mark at the moment) but as they are going to be to small to hibernate they will probably have to go back to the wildlife sanctuary over the winter and then be released next March/April time. There is always a possibility that i will keep them though!!!. Yes it is always hard giving them up BUT i am so happy to when they are able to be released as this is their natural enviroment and where they are happiest xxxxxx

  5. Awwwwww.....!!!!
    They are just too cute (and love the names...!!)
    Jo x

  6. Aww Clare! These pics are so cute and I love the one of them in their food . . lol

    As always you are doing a fantastic job hun, they couldn't be in better hands

  7. Hi hun
    aww gorgeous piccies of ya hedgies, so cute hun, sue,x

  8. Lordy Clare...aren't they so cutie! What fab names too...did you name them?? Great you can look after them til your op..they must be a treat!
    Love Deb xxx


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