Thursday, 29 March 2012


I have some very happy news to share with my lovely followers today. I know that a lot of you will remember Murdoch the hedgehog who I looked after last year.

Poor Murdoch was one of my regular garden visitor's last year and I found him outside my conservatory door feeling sorry for himself. When I brought him in to check him over I was shocked to find one of his rear legs had been cut clean off and the poor thing had a very nasty infection in it. After weeks of going to and fro to the vets and nursing him the wound just was not healing and the vets were pretty much about to give up on him. I was so angry that they were so easily prepared to give up on him. Luckily my lovely friend Monica got involved and the vets finally put metal clips in the wound (which they should have done in the first place) and he has been at the rescue centre since being rehabilitated. 
This week my boy has come back to me!!!!!!. It was a very emotional reunion as Monica hadn't told me she was bringing him back home. Here he is looking amazing!!!.

Here is my gorgeous boy looking so healthy (and fat lol!) with my Dad. He has just come out of hibernation at the centre and ready to tackle life again. I have set up a log cabin in the garden (a supersize one just for Murdoch!) so that he can come and go as he pleases. He has regular food put out every evening and I have started stalking the conservatory door nightly hoping to catch a glimpse of him. I have not seen much of him since he has been back but I figure after months of being cooped up he is enjoying his freedom and who knows i'm sure he will be sowing his wild oats this Summer!!! making up for lost time lol. 

It was a tough year last year as I did lose a few poorly hoggies so it is so fantastic to have my lovely Murdoch be one of the big success stories. 

Thank you for stopping by.

Lots of love Clare xxx


  1. Awhhh! You can see he has the biggest smile on his face...The joys of being home...

  2. Oh Clare how fantastic this is to have Murdoch back home with his own little house, I bet he is so enjoying himself, this is such uplifting news and both him and your Dad are looking ACE.
    Lorraine x

  3. Hi Clare, that's such a lovely story , so glad it has such a happy ending.
    Hugs Cheryl

  4. Hi sweetie....oh how lovely to see him are a superstar....and the squirrels doing so well how many hours are there in your day? hugs to you and Dad Margaret

  5. I might not have 'met' Murdoch last year but it's great to read about a success story! Can just imagine him strolling around your garden and maybe 'sowing his wild oats'!!!

  6. Oh what super photos Clare! So great to see your Dad looking happy and healthy and as for Murdoch??!! He does look so good, well done you on all of the care and love you has showered him with for such a long time now! I know he wouldnt have done so well if it wasnt for you!

    Keryn x

  7. oh hun he looks fabulous gorgeous piccies of him, you do an amazing job hun, sue,x

  8. Murdoch is such a handsome fella , and so is your dad.
    What a great soul you have looking after these fab creatures. Hugs Elaine


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