Saturday, 24 March 2012


Hi guys! well promised more pic's this week of the little squirrels and here they are. You will all certainly notice a difference a week can make, so here are Sid, Alice & Sindy.
This is the squirrels new cage as they are getting bigger an their eyes are open they need more space

Little sleepy heads!
So cute

Someone has their eye on you!

Simone is now befriending the squirrels. Has taken a while for her to get to this point as usually she runs away bless her

Here's my beautiful boy keeping an eye on things. He is like an old mother hen with the squirrels and is usually around when it is their feeding time!

I have been helping the squirrels to start climbing this week now their eyes are open. Although you cannot see it my hands are ready beneath Alice to catch her if she falls!!!
She's getting there!

Still climbing!

Nearly there girl!!!

And totally knackered!!!

Here's little Sid, the poser!!

And what a cute pic of Sindy!

Sorry about all of the gaps between pic's and comment but Blogger is not playing nice. I really hope that you have enjoyed all of the photo's and I will be back with more next week. Thank you for all of your kind comments and support, it means so much to me.

Lots of love to you all 
Clare, Bert, Simone, Sid, Alice & Sindy xxxx


  1. What can anyone say! You are doing a Fabulous job...Such hard work.....Sooooo rewarding. They look happy and well feed and growing by the minute...Good job.
    Even got my grand-children watching for your updates....

  2. Awww bless your heart Chrissy! it is such a learning experience, the younger the better I say. Thank you so much for following hun xxx

  3. Hi Clare, wow wee they have grown, and getting very clever, you are obviously doing an excellent job, Well done Clare!!!
    Hugs Cheryl

  4. Hello lovely Clare. Oh my goodness, what a difference, they grow so quickly, and they definately have the "CUTE FACTOR". Well done sweetie, you are obviously taking great care of them and they are very lucky to have you.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    With love, Sandra xxx

  5. Too cute!! Well done you! xxx

  6. Clare havn't they grown! , you will have your hands full soon .
    I have been showing my hubby Tim their progress.
    They certainly are lucky to have you. Great job Clare.
    Simone is so good with them .. Ahhh I love that pic of Simone peeping in the basket.
    Hugs to you , have a great weekend

  7. Hello, Clare sorry for not being around in a while but OMG what a difference in the squirrels! Last time I was here they were so small. You are doing a lovely job. Glad Bert and Simone are so understanding. Vee xx

  8. They do look cute Clare and lovely piccies. Though I'm not so keen they keep digging up my new lawn to get to the acorns that fell in the winter lol

  9. Wow, it is so great to see how they are all doing, and to see how Mr B and Princess Simone are getting on with them all! Lovely to see Alice climbing! x

  10. Aww hun they are adorable, i take my hat of to you, such hard work, luv seeing the updates, sue,x

  11. Oh my goodness they are growing aren't they Clare, but then they have such a wonderful caring 'foster' mum, you are doing a fantastic job.
    Lorraine x

  12. Love all the photos Clare! Such fun watching them grow so quickly!


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