Monday, 23 April 2012


So sorry that I have not been around for a while, you probably thought I had not come back from Ally Pally!!!. I had a wonderful time although I do not think Saturday is a good day to go for me as it was so so busy and having difficulties getting around it was a real struggle. Luckily most of the crafting community are lovely but then you get what I call the "Next" sale category, the one's who are so selfish and knock you off your feet to get to everything, barge, push, don't get the picture. 

Anyway I managed to meet up with two gorgeous friends Sylvie (Gibmiss) & Sue (Scoopystuff), made friends with a few other's and a lovely lady called Nicki on the coach. Managed to buy lots of yummies, lots of stamps, card, embellishments, chipboard bits, lace, ribbon.......on and on. 

Since Ally Pally I have had one of my worst flare up's of my Rheumatoid Arthritis and had to spend a few days in bed last week. Today I had an appointment at the hospital and they have given me a steroid injection which will hopefully calm it down a bit. I must admit though I do feel heaps better than last week and can get around heaps better. Oh meant to say, the new drug I am on for the RA, Simponi, is doing good. No nasty side effects like I was getting with the other's and do not seem to be having as many flare up's. I have had 2 treatments now so so far so good. Will keep you posted.

Now that I am starting to feel better I have a lot of catching up to do so will come visit all of my friends as soon as I can. Must say I absolutely hate the new look Blogger. Why did they have to change it???. I have changed it back to the old style. Don't know how long it will stay as it does say it will eventually all go to the new version. I think it looks so boring and bland and find it hard to find everything. What does everyone else think?? maybe I'm just being grumpy and stoopid!!!.

Do hope that all of my friends are well and keeping warm from this horrible weather. Must admit that when I got home from the hospital I got into my PJ bottoms as I was so cold!!!.

Will be back in a bit with my Christmas Card Club creation.

Love and hugs Clare xxx


  1. I've been sat here waiting for you lol...
    Glad your back...Hope all the little boarders you had are okay. If there's one thing I LOve it's Christmas card in April....
    I've gone back to the old blogger....Hopefully for ever!!

  2. Lol Chrissy!!! you make me laugh hun. Glad it is not just me with the new Blogger. You should come and join our CCC!!!. The boarder's are fine, they are in their big avery now. I will be writing about them this week hun. Big hugs Clare xxx

  3. Hi mate, sorry to hear you were not great last week but glad that the new drugs are working for you. I went to Ally Pally on Sunday, its much more civilised lol! LOVE that christmas card, its very pretty and lol to the pi's , I put mine on at about 6 this evening so I could get all snuggly. Take care my lovely! Tracey x

  4. Nothing wrong with sticking your pyjamas on early! I'm frequently in mine from 6ish... they're just so cosy! NOthing like crafting in your jammies either! Really sorry to hear you've not been well... but I'm really glad the new medication seems to be working so far. Know what you mean about the "Next" sale category!!!

  5. Hope the new medication continues to work well and I think you have one month with the old blogger. I don't like the new one either, more difficult to navigate and is eating my posts!

  6. Hi me again hope the meds are working and hate the new blogger and have gone back but as you say we will get it eventually


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