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Hello my lovelies. So sorry I did not post earlier this week but ive not been good having a stinking cold and bad throat. I'm still full of cold and have even had to put off my treatment which was due Thursday. Anyway enough of my woe's!!!.

I know you are all dying to know about the squirrels and I have at last got the video to show you which I did earlier in the week. 

Aren't they cute!!!!! love it when Sid started scratching at the camera lol. Thought it would be nice to see a video than picture's this week so a little treat for you all. 

Well yesterday the time came for Monica to take them to her place as she has the hard job of weaning them off the milk. She will also have to start handling them less and she has a massive cage for them to go into at her home. 
The past week has been quite tough, not feeling very well didn't help but the squirrels are getting really strong now and have found them a lot more harder to handle (my gammy hands don't help lol!). Monica was on holiday so knew I needed to tackle it head on. As I was still feeding them 3 times a day I had to put them in the carrier in between filling up their syringes as they would be clambering up my arms, flying off the table going mad for more milk!!!. They are so fast now and have found it hard to be quick enough to keep hold of them. This though is a big sign of their independence and that they are nearing being ready for release. Bless them they have even started burying their food. They have a selection of food in their cage and Sid was scrambling around at the bottom of the cage hiding food which is what squirrels do in the wild and go back for later.
So my darlin's the next time we will see Sid, Alice and Sindy should be in about 3 weeks (providing they are ready) as Monica and I will be taking them to the centre to the large outdoor avery to get them used to the outdoor's, the smells, the noises etc before they go out there in the big wide world. Don't worry as I will be equipt with camera and will be doing a special post about them.

So I have been looking after Monica's guinea piggies as well this week so thought some pic's were in order for Blossom, Petal, Piggy and Sassy;


My Bert absolutely loved the piggies and when they had gone yesterday afternoon he was walking around the conservatory like a lost soul!! he could not make out where they had all gone bless him. I'm sure I will be looking after them again the next time Monica is on holiday!!!.
I have made two rescues this week, the first one was on Friday when a pigeon fell down my chimney. Me and Martin had to remove a cover which blocks the fire place off. There are little holes in the cover and we could see the poor little soul through them with a torch. Luckily we managed to get him out quickly and I wrapped him up in a towel and checked him out and thankfully he was not injured, just in shock. We released him on to the lawn and he went rushing over to the water bowl I have on lawn and gulped loads down. I put food down for him and after a while he went flying off.
The second rescue was yesterday morning. I went into the shed to collect the food bowls from my semi-feral cat visitor and I always check the wooden kennel I have for him in there to see if all is well. When I peered in I saw the rear end of a hedgehog!!! he was tucked up in the blankets but I was alarmed to see a lot of ticks on his rump. I pulled the blanket out trying not to disturb the sleeping hoggie and the poor little mites face was absolutely smothered in ticks as well. I bundled him up in blanket and brought him in and popped him in a carrier with a heat pad. Thankfully it was before Monica came to pick up the squirrels and piggies so she rushed him off to the rescue centre once she left mine. Monica contacted me last night and they successfully removed 40 ticks!!! that is shocking as even 5 can be dangerous to a hedgehog. Last night he was tucked up and nice and warm in his temporary bed at the centre where he will stay for a little while to recover and receive antibiotics and come back to me when he is well enough. 
So the rescue season is definitely upon us and I feel so blessed to be a part of it. I think it will be a busy one and am all ready for it. 
I must admit that today has been so nice being able to relax and had my first lay in in ages!!!. I have soooooo missed creating in my craft room so with all of my housework done today I am going to be all set this week for some cardmaking. It will be good to get back to blogging too and visiting all of my beautiful and loyal friends. 
I really hope that you have enjoyed this post and is not too long!!! especially hope you like the video.
Will be back very soon with a card to show you all.
Big hugs from me, Bert & Simone xxx


  1. What a Fantastic video! The are great to watch busy all the time with just small naps..So cute watching one trying to get into that peanut and the next minute crashing out going to sleep. Sid definitely loves the camera lol...but those teeth boy I bet they could 'stab' there a couple of needles!! The Guinea Pigs..You are a busy bee know wonder you don't get time to Craft lol...They are even cueing up outside (Hedgehog) for your help.... I think they all have your address and know were to come....
    Keep up the good work Clare....You all deserve a medal for your kindness.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. How lovely to see the squirrels video! Aren't they just adorable?! Monica's guinea pigs are sooo cute.... when I was little my brother had a guinea pig who was friends with my rabbit... I have many happy memories of them in the garden. :) You enjoy some quality 'you' time for a while, now that you have a moment to yourself! x

  3. Thank you girls!!! yes Chrissy their claws are also very sharp, you should see my hands!!!. I would love so much to think that the sickly hedgies come to my home and know they are going to be looked after. Lovely to hear about your Brother's piggy and your rabbit Victoria!!!. They are such placid little things. I am definitely going to enjoy some quality time hun as I know it will probably be busy over the next few weeks. Thanks for stopping by angels xxx

  4. You certainly have your hands full, Clare - amazing vid of the squirrels - keep up the good work x

  5. Hi Clare, For some reason we can't see the video but my children are enthralled to see all the photos of the animals. You should hear the squeals when they saw the baby squirrels being bottle fed! You have a lovely blog and do great work with all the animals :) Hugs Sarah x

  6. Thanks for sharing the cute ;)
    xoxo Sioux

  7. Oh my heart is melting at the video of your little squirrels, they are sooo sweet! I love guinea pigs too, they are such lovely pets. Well done for taking such good care of those little babies and Im glad the little hedgehog is on the mend too. Take care my lovely and I hope you feel better soon. Tracey xx

  8. Hi Clare I will pop back later to look at the video , I have just got out of bed to answer the postman. ( bringing some crafty goodies...good job Tim was at work, he says I have spent enough already ) I am a bit poorly today but had to just take a peek at my blog.You know how it is !!.
    I always show Tim, my hubby your blog photo's and when he sees the latest one he is going to go crazy ...he is a guinea pig fanatic he loves them .
    I will be back later when he comes home , Thank you for your lovely comment today. I bet you will miss the squirrels, it will be so quiet in your house Hugs Elaine

  9. Video is super clare, Tim loves the guinea pigs liked the pink albeno.
    Hugs Elaine

  10. Hi Clare , feeling a bit better today , have had a chest infection for the past week and havn't stopped coughing
    ( I sound like old man).
    I live in the North West, between Blackpool and Preston. Im not going to Ally Pally, sadly ,although it has always been on my wish list for a long time. My Mum and Dad are in their 80's and both poorly ,so I travel to them most days to help, Mum is paralysed and unable to communicate , and Dad is 83 and not so good on his feet, I usualy craft when I am back home late in the afternoons. At the moment I don't holiday or go too far because I can be called at a moments notice. But if the situation changes then I will be at Ally pally next year. Hugs Elaine .
    Have a great time there ..dont spend too much !
    Im a little devil for spending on craftiness, I have hidden so many crafty goodies from Tims view ,Im sure he wont mind but even so ....

  11. What a great video. I'm off to read the earlier posts about the squirrels. Kim x


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