Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Ok apologies once again for the absence. Not going to harp on, just to say that my health hasn't been good again and not been up to too much craftiness. I have been picking up the past week and something that has helped is looking after this beautiful little fella;

This is Harry and he came to me on Saturday after he was attacked (not sure by what) luckily he only managed to escape with a laceration to his ear but when he was examined by the vet they picked up that he has possibly got lung worm and/or pneumonia. They also removed 50 ticks from him which is a sign of ill health. Funnily enough although he sounds like he smokes 50 a day he is such a lively little fella and is eating, drinking.......He needs to see the vet on Friday again as I have been able to put antibiotics and lung worm treatment in his food and water but he will be assessed and decided on the next step which will probably be to go to the rescue centre which will be good as he may need longer term treatment. He will come back to me though when he is better. I will keep you posted.

The hoggy that I found in my shed 4 weeks ago which also had 40 ticks removed is coming back home on Sunday!!! I am so happy as he too has been successfully treated for lung worm. I will update and post the pic's at the weekend. 

Hope all of my friends are happy and well in blog land. I managed to get my old Blogger interface back but understand that it will all be in new format at the end of the month, blurrgghh!!!. With a bit of luck they will over look it and keep the old style!!!.

Ok my lovelies I have managed to get 3 cards done so will post them shortly.

Big hugs and lots of love Clare xxx


  1. Hello, Clare sorry it has been so long since I visited. I have been taking lots of rest and only doing the bare minimum on line. Sorry you have not been well and I hope you feel a bit better soon. What a lovely boy this is!! They all must trust you so much and with all you do to help it is no wonder they find their way to your door. I have been providing succour to a couple of poor cats recently and am hoping they will get help soon. Cats Protection are totally full in my area and the Glasgow branch has had a few lots of pregnant cats and loads of kittens! Vee xx

  2. Awhh! LOveing Harry...What a cutie..So happy your other little fellow is heading home too ..You do a Fabulous job Clare. Hoping you feel a little better a bit of sunshine would go a miss.....
    Some of us have already changed to the new blogger before they throw us out and don't even know where we are anymore I feel like I'm in someone else's house....

  3. So sorry you have not been feeling well Clare Thinking of you .
    Well I bet this little fella has you run ragged , he is gorgeous, what are you like miss Clare !!
    Well you are like my sister thats what , she had every creature under the sun, under her roof, you name it. Well done for being so kind and hope you are feeling brighter soon , Hugs Elaine

  4. Great to see you back hun and to hear that the hedgies are doing OK and more importantly your health is improving too. Look forward to seeing your creations very soon and the new blogger is actually really good when you get used to it. Hugs, Claire x

  5. Hi Clare, I'm sorry you haven't been well again. It must be very hard. Harry is lovely and I'm glad he's going to be alright. Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog and if there is anything I can do to help you with your sewing ~ do email me. I haven't been quilting very long but I'll do what I can to help :) Sarah xx

  6. Welcome to Harry! Look forward to seeing him again when hes back with you! Super photo of him Clare. You'll need to scrap all of these animals that youve helped it will be a super project!
    Keryn x

  7. Hi ya hun
    sorry ive not been round playin catch up, hope you soon feeling better, gorgeous piccies, hope he is doing ok, sue,x

  8. Lovely piccies! Great news that the other hedgie is recovered and hopefully Harry here will be right as rain soon too!!


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