Friday, 11 May 2012


Hello my lovelies, wow what a lovely sunny day it has been!!!!. My prayer's have been answered at last. I really want it to be nice for tomorrow as it is our local Cats Protection open day and they always seem to get a wet day for it. I hear the forecast is meant to be good over the weekend so finger's crossed. 

I have had a busy day today. Little Harry the hedgehog went off to the vets. He is not doing any better and he has finished the course of antibiotic's he was on. Poor little sausage sounds like an old man when he breath's and cough's. I am waiting for him to be dropped off back home and I hear he has been given a stronger antibiotic injection and has to go back to vet's again on Monday. He's a tough little bugger though and sure he will get better soon.

Like I said there is an open day at my local Cats Protection (Hailsham, East Sussex) and me, Dad and Martin always go whenever they have one on to support them. So today I have had a massive de-clutter and managed to muster up 3 bin bags full of clothes, bedding etc. I still have to go through Bert & Simone's toy boxes but have to wait until they are asleep to do so as I always find them to have a renewed interest in the said toys they have neglected for months!!!. I managed to clean my washing machine and defrost my fridge freezer today too so has been a very productive day. 

I went to the rescue centre on Sunday afternoon to help out. I absolutely love it there and as it is such a busy time of the year any little thing you can do helps. They have lots of sick birds in at the moment, pigeon's, doves, crows, a robin, a cheeky duck! and.....a baby owl!!! what an amazing experience that was. I have never seen an owl in real life before. Although we are not allowed to take pic's at the centre I have found a couple of photo's to show you what the little owl looked like and just how beautiful they are.

How gorgeous!!!. They look like balls of fluff!!!. I was surprised at how big they are for babies and you also have to be very careful of those claws. Poor little thing was found in a barn on his own. Obviously they had to wait to see if Mum turned up but this never happened. He is being well looked after though, as are all of the other patients in there being loved and cared for. 

Some good new's is this little fella Glenn came home on Sunday!!!.

Glenn was the little one I found in the wooden kennel in my shed which was made for the semi feral cat I look out for. Glenn had 40 ticks removed from him and was successfully treated for lung worm. He was released at dusk on Sunday and is now happily living back in hoggy land. I see him at the food station I have just outside my conservatory door some evening so good to see he is still around. There are another 3 regular's to my garden, Ernie, Amy and Fred. I have checked them out and all 3 of them have leg defects. Amy has a rear foot missing, Fred a rear leg amputated and Ernie has like a clubbed front leg which is curled up in a ball shape. It does not seem to hinder them though and they are all really healthy. Just had to remove 13 ticks off Fred  but doing regular checks on them will hopefully help make sure they are healthy. 

Sorry this is such a long post but I know many of you requested an update but there was plenty of news to tell!!!. Promise to keep you informed about Harry and any newbies that come my way.

Thank you so much for your continued interest in our beautiful wildlife friends. Hope it helps to understand how much help these little critter's need from time to time. Even a nightly bowl of cat/dog food or cat biscuits really does help them. If anyone would like more info or advice please feel free to comment or just email me privately at

Big hugs Clare xxx


  1. Hi Clare this has been a smashing post to read you are doing such a wonderful thing for the wildlife, they always need someone to help, thank you for the update it had been such a pleasure knowing that all are doing well.
    Lorraine x

  2. Thank you Lorraine you are a darling. It is my total pleasure doing these posts to update everyone xxx

  3. Hi Clare, I have really enjoyed this post. How cute is the lille owl and I love hedgehogs. We used to have a couple of visitors at the bottom of our garden but haven't seen them in a while. Think I'll start leaving some food out at night and see if they don't wander back. Any other tips to help! We have had some blackbirds nesting in our garden this year too, can't wait to see the little uns.
    Look forward to the next post.
    Hugs Sue W.

  4. Oh! Yes LOve to hear your updates Clare..And the pictures are an add bonus! Hope the weather holds for you today...It's lovely in Lancashire.

  5. I thought for one fleeting moment that you'd got an owl at home! Now that would have been a surprise for Bert and Simone, lol. Great to catch up with the news hun, thanks for sharing. Huggles Sxxx

  6. Yay it's a beautiful sunny day here in Eastbourne!!! perfect for the CP open day. Thank you for your lovely comments girls. Thought you would like the little owl Sue!!!. We can all encourage visitor's into our gardens. Like I say simple things like leaving a dish of cat/dog meat. Make sure it is not fish though as it upsets hoggies tums. Cat biscuits are great and meal worms, although mealies are a bit expensive so not necessary. Keeping the food sheltered from rain and/or other animals is good. I will do a special post shortly and go through all of this for you girls with some handy tips on how to make your garden hoggy friendly!!!. Stay tuned xxx

  7. Lol Squirrel!!! the owl was nearly as big as Bert & Simone!!! don't think they would be too impressed. Hugs Clare xxx

  8. Hello!

    Super post Clare, lovely to hear your excitement at your visit to the centre and seeing the baby owl!

    Its a surprise to learn that so many hedgies are losing their limbs, I wonder what causes it, its such a shame but lovely to know that they are all being wonderfully cared for by you! Its great to learn about each one that adopts you as their feed and care Mum!

    Have a super time at the CP event and dont buy everything! lol!

    Keryn x

  9. Fab update hun - sounds like you are very busy at the moment. As a lover of owls, that pic is adorable. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Claire x

  10. Hope it all went well today. That baby owl is just too cute. Claire xxx

  11. Wow claire the baby owl is just adorable I love it Hugs Elaine


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