Monday, 18 June 2012


Hello all, I just wanted to pop some pic's up of baby Mo. Unfortunately her other 3 Brother's and Sister have died over the past few days so we only have little Mo left. She is so beautiful and I am praying with all my might that she is strong enough to survive.

Mo has her teddy which she has been snuggling up to to keep warm along with a heat pad and lots of blankets!!!. 

The story behind little Mo and her siblings were they nearly got burnt to death on a bonfire. A couple had decided to knock their shed down in their garden. They found what they thought was an old hedgehog nest (baffled why they didn't bloody well check to see if there was anything still occupying it!). They threw it onto the bonfire ready to light the following day. Twelve hours passed before they got ready to light the fire only to be stopped by the 4 babies squealing inside the nest. Had they not made themselves heard they would have been burnt alive.

The babies actually made it into the local newspaper with the Rescue Centre (WRAS) giving out warnings to people. I feel sad for the Mum too as she has either been scared off by all of the commotion or she was out searching for food when it was all going on.

Please keep everything crossed that this little baby survives. I will take photo's and updates coming.

Some super news is that I got one of my casualties back yesterday!!!. I found him in the garden about 4 weeks ago and he had some nasty head trauma. Billy ended up losing his right eye but he is as fit as a fiddle and I successfully released him at dusk last night. He got a big cuddle and a pep talk before he was released!!! he knows he always has a home and food here and whenever he is in trouble to come get me!!!. 

Sorry the picture's aren't great but the light was not good. Billy is such a beautiful soul and hopefully he will live out the rest of his hoggy life fit and well.

Thanks for stopping by and hope all of my friends are well.

Big hugs Clare xxx


  1. Thanks, Clare, for the update! Prayers for both Baby Mo and Billy that they both fair well in the world!

  2. Oh how sad, but with your love and attention little Mo has the best chance ever. Glad that Billy is doing well too! Zx

  3. Fingers crossed her for little Mo. Hugs, Marion

  4. Fingers crossed for little Mo - so sad about the others. Really shocked that anyone could be so daft as to throw something on a fire without checking first :(

    I'll see you later hun.

    Claire xxx

  5. Awhh! All finger crossed for this little sweetie...SOME People!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Clare thank you so much for your lovely comments whilst I was away , you are always so kind and thoughtful.
    What fabulous cards you have been making, since my last visit , they are all beautiful , I like the one you made for your dad its fab , and the one you made for your friend who was having a hard time is such a lovely card well done .

    How sad that baby Mo's siblings died but she seems to love a cuddle with brown Ted , hope she improves each day and with your help she will .Glad to hear about silly Billy , he knows where he can come for help then ! Take care, Clare you are doing a fabulous job
    Big Hugs Elaine
    I love the
    Well done Hugs Elaine

  7. You are a very special person to take such good care of these little creatures. We love the wildlife in our garden but sadly no hedgies ever spotted (probably because of the 6 foot fence all round the place). We rehomed a couple from Carla Lane sactuary a few years back made a lovely safe little hedgie area at the bottom of the garden but they disappeared to pastures new overnight (before the fence was done). I hope little Mo makes it she is beautiful.

  8. So sad that her siblings didn't make it but little Mo looks content with her teddy! It's so nice that you got to release Billy too. x

  9. Good thing Mo has you as her guardian angel. I am sure she is a survivor.

    Deanne :)

  10. awwwwwwwwwwww how delightful these pics Clare ... sorry I have not been around much ... my health has not been that flash ( a gum and tooth infection) so I have been doing my DT work when feeling ok .... how are you ???? take care and a big hug to you x

  11. OMG how scary is that. Lucky the poor wee things had the strength to squeal! You are a proper little angel Clare. I love your photos, especially the one with the teddy:)


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