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Hello my lovelies. I know, no word from me for a week then 3 posts in one day!!!. I am so sorry for not being around and I feel that I have been neglecting my lovely friends with not visiting your blogs. I apologise now and will get around to see you over the next few days.

This is a very long post so may want to get a cuppa!!!!.

Some fantastic news is that baby Mo is doing brilliantly and is now weighing 90g!!!. She has her eyes and ears open now and is growing fur (although not a lot!).  She is doing all little hedgie things but she looks like a little old lady as she is still so wobbly on her little legs. Got a few pic's to share and hopefully tomorrow will be doing a little video of her. WARNING PHOTO OVERLOAD!!!!!.

Awwww isn't she a little cutie!!!!. The photo's have been taken throughout the week so the one where baby Mo is on the scales weighing 60g was a few days ago. She is gaining around 6-8g a day so she is doing so well. Had to show you the one to show you her little tail. She is so funny and wags it like a dog sometimes!!!.
I have had some amazing news over the weekend as I spent Saturday and Sunday at the rescue centre. We were talking about Mo and they are allowing me to keep her and when she is fully grown I can do a soft release in my garden!!!. A soft release means that she will be in a run enclosure with a cabin to get her used to the outside over a few weeks. When she is ready I can release her. She may not be ready to go through this stage until next spring so she will hibernate at home here. I am so excited as I will have seen little Mo throughout being days old until she is grown. I will share my experience with you throughout and post regular pic's and news.

I brought Harry home on Sunday and another hoggy, Charley who I found with an abscess a few weeks ago. Harry was the hoggy that stayed with me for 3 weeks and he had lungworm and pneumonia and he was not getting any better with the vetinary treatment he was getting so WRAS decided to take over (you can see his story in previous posts). Harry is still a bit rattly but it looks like he has some lung damage from his illness so glad he has been able to be released back here so I can keep an eye on him. Here are some pic's before I released them both.




They both got their pep talk before they were released to come get me if they ever need me!!!. Although I worry so much about the one's I release I know that their release is everything to them and to see them well and ready to go is such a great feeling. I hate seeing them locked up in a cage while they are recovering from being sick but hopefully they realise that we are doing it for their own good.

I had an amazing weekend at the rescue centre. Saturday was a get together, bingo and beer evening!!! I won the main prize which is a lovely canvas picture so that is sitting in my hallway. We turned up really early so I could meet everyone who was still working. I stood in amazement at all of the love and care the animals receive. At one point it was like a scene from ER as a hedgehog went into respitory arrest. There were tiny oxygen mask being put on him, injections, drips etc. It is so good to see that their lives are treated as preciously as humans and when I went back in on Sunday she was doing really well.
I had an awesome experience with two little foxes. One which is very poorly is a juvenile so still very small was in a RTA. I had to hold him while Monica removed a drip. He was so brave and just looked up at us as if he understood we were trying to help him.The other was a fox cub recovering from mange. He was incredibly cheeky and was playing with the broom!!!. We let him out into the room whilst his cage was being cleaned and he loved it. 
I helped Monica give meds, feed the birds and clean cages. I just love it down there and they just do an awesome job.

Just to let you guys know as many of you kindly ask and email. I had the hospital yesterday to see my rheumatologist. He is very happy with the new drug that I am having. I started on the Sympony home injections 5 months ago and thankfully I am not getting any nasty side effects and it is not interfering with my bloods like the other's. I am not getting as many bad flare up's like I was before I went on the treatment, another great sign. On the not so good side the drug is not helping my pain. I am still in pain everyday but at least it isn't being made any worse by lots of major flare up's. I am just so happy that I can tolerate the drug as it is supposed to slow down the diseases progress. There is no cure but even if it can slow things down that will make me a very happy girl. Have had a rough day today but think it was being examined yesterday and being pulled around. Thank you so much for your lovely messages about my RA you are all so kind. Again I will keep you updated.

Right I have probably bored you all to tears so will push off!!!. Mo is going to her second Mum tomorrow till Monday so will have a little break and hopefully get some cardmaking and commenting done. Just know that I never neglect my friends because I cannot be bothered, just get times when really busy or not too well.

A big congratulations to the lovely CHRISSY for winning the £20 gift voucher today. Go pop over to her blog and see her gorgeous creations.

Big hugs Clare xxx


  1. Hi Clare, so glad that Mo is thriving, fab photos. Be great too that you can keep her until her release.
    Hope the pain eases and you have a better day tomorrow.
    Hugs Sue W.

  2. So pleased to read and see how well Mo is doing, Harry's pictures are also very enjoyable. Give them both hugs from me. Hugs, Marion

  3. So glad to hear Mo is doing well. Love hearing the updates of your guys!

  4. Oh! HOw FABulous that you share your updates with us all...These pictures are Absolutely Gorgeous..You can tell with day to day pictures just how much Mo is growing..LOve how she is striding along in the last photo and the first photo is a scream lol...Had to laugh at 'wagging tail' too. Glad you gave Harry and Charlie a pep talk these little guys need then going out into the big wide world! and at least you have told them to home if they need you.
    Glad the drugs are having at least some effect Clare and if it slows things down that helps.
    p.s. Thanking you and Mr Random once again for my yummy candy xx

  5. I didn't get a cuppa.... well, you did warn me I should have! absolutely loved seeing the photos of Mo, Harry and Charlie, but especially Mo, and how amazing that you get to do the release and keep a watchful eye on her. So pleased you had a great time at the bingo evening - they sound a really smashing group of people! So pleased too that they think the new drug is working - just hope now that they find better pain management which a) works and b) doesn't knock you out
    Take care and enjoy your time while Mo is at second mum's place! xxx

  6. Soooooo cute! Did you get the pictures that Ellie posted on FB for you? I tagged you, so hopefully you should've! Will also email over a few ;D

    Glad your drugs are working hun, take it easy today.

    Claire x

  7. gorgeous photos of Mo and the others! Cheered me up while I was having a quick browse round the blogs at work! And glad that you're feeling a bit better too!
    Take care, Kim x

  8. I am so pleased that your new drug is helping and you have had no flare ups,Ohhh you must have felt exhausted after all that prodding around when you went to hospital. Take care of yourself, and take it easy.
    Little Mo is doing so well its delightful to see how you are caring for her.
    Look after yourself too hun , Hugs Elaine

  9. Got them in a pack of four from The Range last Christmas..They were for putting photo's in


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