Tuesday, 18 September 2012


It's been a pretty hard day today, but any special day marking the calendar is always hard when someone we have lost is not here to celebrate with. It was Mum's 73rd Birthday today and although it is 4 years on December 17th that we lost her it really does not get any easier. Having my blog really does help though so that I can mark these dates and share them and let my friends know just what an awesome and beautiful Mum she was.

Dad and I got Mum a dozen red and white roses to put on her memorial and I made a card like I always do.

It is such a beautiful and serene place in Mum and Dad's garden and was one of Mum's most favourite places in the world to be. Her Red Robin tree has flourished over the last 4 years it is gorgeous. This is the card that I made for Mum from the family.

Love and miss you every single day Mum

Thank you for letting me share.

Hugs Clare xxx


  1. A wonderful heartfelt tribute to your Mum, Clare. She must be smiling down with great pride.


  2. hugs for you and your family hun...

  3. sending a hug Clare. It's nearly 10 years since I lost my mum - so can understand.
    Kim x x

  4. Thinking of you Clare. I know excactly how you feel but think of all the lovely memories ... Mum's are so special. Hugs x

  5. Sending you a belated hug hun xxx

  6. Claire,
    Your moms Card is Beautiful....Thinking of you and sending you a BIG Hug!!!



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