Monday, 24 December 2012


Hello my lovelies. I hope that everyone is ready for Christmas and not stressing too much. Up until Thursday I had not got one present as the last couple of weeks have been a bit full on to say the least. It was a family affair with my Sister, Niece & Nephew and my lovely Dad who became my bag bitch for the day!!!. I managed to get everything unbelievably and got all of the wrapping up done last night. I still have not got my decorations and tree up but that is my job for tomorrow as I have all the family coming on Christmas day. Normally my tradition is to put the tree up on 17th December which is my beautiful Mum's anniversary (4 years this year she has been gone). Unfortunately there has been a few life drama's and I never got to sort them out. Tomorrow being Christmas Eve is another significant day which is when we saw Mum off so I would like to make something positive of the day and get the decorations & tree up then. 

Ok what's been happening? I found a lump on Simone's back a couple of weeks ago. I got her to the vet's the following day and Mr.Dash examined my girl and he told me that she needed the lump removed as it was possibly a tumour. Within 2 days she was operated on and I had to wait a long hard week to get the results to find out if my baby had a malignant or benign tumour. In the meantime I checked Bert for lumps and hey ho I found a lump on his back. I really could not believe this was happening to my two furbabies. I took the pair of them in to the surgery on Friday and was told that Simone's tumour was an infection which had affected the fat and tissue causing the lump. So that was good news. Mr.Dash examined Bert's lump, which is on the opposite side to Simone's and he said that it feels very different to Simone's. He is giving him the benefit of the doubt for a week and treating him with antibiotics to see if there is a chance that it is the same problem. If the lump is still there this coming Friday he will be operated on there and then. The reason for these lumps is possibly from a couple of things. The pair of them had the flea programme which is by injection. It could be a flare up from that. We have also found out that they are both allergic to penicillin which they have both had in the last few weeks. The penicillin makes them break out in skin lesions. Bert was treated more recently for an abscess under his chin and I found a big lesion on his back. It is only just healing up and is just above the mystery lump. This is why we are trying the antibiotic route first as an operation for Bert is risky as he has epilepsy. I am praying that it is something simple and that by Friday it has improved as I know that if he is operated on there is going to be another long hard week of waiting for results. Also I am going to be worrying sick about him coping with the operation. Here is a pic of my beautiful girl. She has a large scar and her fur has been hacked to pieces but I know it will grow back.

It was beyond traumatic leaving my baby girl at the vets before her op. I went down to the  kennels at the surgery to get her settled and it was one of the worst feelings I have ever had. Simone was hysterical and she wouldn't let go of me. I just cried and cried and my Dad literally had to drag me away from her. I pray that this is not going to be the same with Bert on Friday. I was so relieved to see her later that day and although Simone was drugged up to the eye balls she was her usual fussy self with lots of affection. I can only hope that our furbabies understand that what we do for them is for the best. I will keep you all posted on Bert.

Meanwhile the Polka Doodles boss has been keeping us all very busy behind the scenes. Nikky has released a brand new CD so I have been busy making samples. At last I am able to show you all my sample work as the CD was launched recently on Create & Craft. I will be doing some posts over the forthcoming days I promise. I am also in the middle of doing a couple of tutorials for the Polka Doodles Pen & Paper Circle 6 magazine. On top of that I have been busy making challenge cards & Christmas cards. 

Healthwise hasn't been great but I put a lot of it down to stress and thinking the weather does not help. I am still in pain from my fall and seems to be affecting both sides of my ribs now. Again I do think a lot of it is probably down to my RA. 

Right i'm sure that you have all had enough of my waffle now so I will leave you with big hugs and lots of love from me. I will be back to wish my lovely friends a happy Christmas.

Love Clare xxxx


  1. Hugs to you my lovely friend. I cant wish you enough good and happy wishes at the moment.
    Love xoxoxo

  2. Oh hun, what a time you've had - I am glad that Simone is home and recovering, and that Bert doesn't need the surgery - poor babies! With big furry squirrelly hugs, Sxx

  3. Big gentle hugs me darling! You know where I am and I'll be thinking of you all! Try not to overdo it hun, and I hope you can get through the holidays without much pain or sorrow! Love K x

  4. Big, big hugs to you all this Christmas - I hope everything works out well for Bert and Simone (poor little pootles). Take care of yourself hun. Jo xx


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