Monday, 28 December 2009

IM BACK.......

Hi everyone!!! so sorry i have not updated for a while but as a lot of my friends know i have been really poorly. Not sure if it is connected but i had the Swine Flu vaccine over a week before Christmas & i have been really sick. Could be a coincidence or maybe a tummybug but boy was i sick. I am still not eating properly & my normal Christmas day feasting was non existant. I have lost a bit of weight which is never a bad thing but not a nice way to do it.
Funnily my New Years resolution was to eat healthier & take care of myself more, guess it's started early!!!

So hoping that you all had a wonderful Christmas. I managed to have a wonderful day despite not feeling great. My Dad spent the whole day with us & my Sister & her family came over. We went over to Mum's memorial & popped her gifts & cards down & said a few words, had a few tears.... i managed to find a beautiful ornament of a Robin Red Breast in a nest which is now hanging from her "Red Robin" memorial tree. We all headed back for lunch at mine & we spoke to Helen & family in OZ which was lovely.

Well was i spoilt??? oh boy was i!!! I got a beautiful Pandora bracelet & 4 charms (one which is a sterling silver heart with the MUM on it), I got a CUTTLEBUG!!! whooohoooooo............ i have been wanting one for such a long time & hubby thought he would spoil me this Christmas, he gave me the Pandora too. I got some folders & a set of nesties for it. Got heaps of crafty gear, Bodyshop & Sanctuary smellies, chocolates, Hedgehog book & ornament, candles, necklace, money......... incredibly lucky.

We made the best of the day as although Mum passed before Christmas last year i think that we were all in a daze & had been Mum's funeral on Christmas Eve. This year felt more real & felt like the first. Dad has spent the last 3 days with us & we have had some laugh's, some cries & lots of reminiscing.

I do hope that you have all had a truly wonderful Christmas. I hope that 2010 is a great year for us all.
Now off to play with my Cuttlebug...........!!!!!

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  1. Do I get the feeling you love the Cuttlebug?! :)
    Wishing you a Happy New Year!


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