Sunday, 14 February 2010

Card Feast

Yesterday i went to my very first Card Feast, infact it is the first craft demo/class that i have ever been to. It was held at the local ESK venue & was held by my lovely friend Gaynor and another lady who i can now call a friend, Anne.
It was held from 10.30am till 4pm and i absolutely loved every minute of it. It was also great as i got to see my other mate Jane who joined Gaynor & i at The Brighton craft show.
We had a lovely lunch & dessert which was included & was further plied with biscuits, cakes & drinks.
Gaynor took the morning session & this was what we all created;

Design by Gaynor White

Design by Gaynor White

The afternoon session was taken by Anne and we made another two beautiful cards;

Design by Anne Hide

Design by Anne Hide

Jane & i were incredibly fortunate to be seated next to two very cool ladies (3 including Anne in the morning!) and we were officially named "the rowdy & gobby" end of the table!!! so glad as the two ladies, Brenda & Linda have exchanged numbers with me & Jane & hoping to have a get together real soon.

Hopefully Gaynor & Anne will be having several Card Feasts throughout the year, i will certainly be the first to put my name down!!!

Hugs Clare xxx


  1. Oh Clare sounds like you had an awesome day.....Gorgeous cards......Wish I could of come too....:smile:
    Have a good week...
    luv marg xxx

  2. I think I can imagine you sitting laughing at the end of that table too Clare!!

    Fabulous cards you made too, in between the chortles!! xx

  3. So glad you enjoyed it Clare and you got to meet some new friends!
    I so would have been down the norty end of the table proud of you for that..........ive taught you well!!!!!!!!

    Oh yeah the cards are gorgeous by the way...........very noice!


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