Tuesday, 16 February 2010

No Blogging for a Few Days

May not be on blogland for a few days as off to hospital for the day tomorrow, yuck. Have got to go in for the day and have a drug called Rituximab via IV which takes 6-8 hours. I have also got to have it on 2nd March. It is a drug which is used to treat certain types of cancer & has shown to help the awful side effects of  Rheumatoid Arthritis by blocking the immune system which attacks the joints in RA sufferers. I had 2 lots last year but it did not make any difference but they want to give it a blast again as can be successful on the second round.

I will try anything at the moment as i am in so much pain. I saw my Biologics nurse yesterday and he is loathe at the moment to try me on the newer drugs until i have seen my Rheumatologist in June. I have been coming out with a lot of bruising on my joints which he is concerned about so wants me to see Dr.Sam before anything else. I also want to find out if anything can be done about my elbow as obviously i rely on it so much and is restricting a lot that i can do being my right arm. This upsets me more than any other joint as effects my crafting some days. I cannot even type or write for long without being in agony & having to rest it, what a killer!!!

Anyway will be firing up my MP3 player & stock up on mags for tomorrow as usually have the IV in my right hand so can't do much else. Darn it can't even take my craft stuff up there to while away the hours!!!!

Will be back on blogland soon once i am feeling more human as the drug can make you feel a bit yucky for a few days.

Hugs Clare xxx


  1. Take care! Hope the treatment does the trick :)

  2. Good luck with this course of treatment Clare, I hope it works for you this time around.

    Good health is something too many people take for granted and I hope you are soon back in your crafting space enjoying yourself!

    Keryn x

  3. Good luck gorgeous girl.....I hope this treatment is kind to you this time round....Will be thinking of you .... sending lots of love and hugs....marg xxx

  4. Sending you lots of love Clare & really hope that this blast helps you much more than the last 2 lots did....bugger hey!! xxxx


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