Friday, 16 April 2010


Well here they are guys!!!! taken about an hour ago from behind the conservatory door, here are Ernie & Minni!!! please forgive the reflection of the glass from the conservatory door guys but this is one of the only ways to take the pics without scaring them away.

I have also taken a small video from the camera but i am unsure how to add it to the post & am a bit brain dead tonight! if anyone knows drop me a line if not i will investigate after a good sleep.

Yesterday i had to do a rescue job on poor little Ernie as when i went to do my morning check he was laying out side the cabin on top of the straw wide awake. Knowing that this is not a good thing i quickly put my hand inside the box & there curled up inside was Minni. I went & set up the extra cabin putting in lots of straw & old straw from the older cabin (so Ernie would have familiar smells) picked up little Ernie who by then had curled up into a tight ball. I checked him out & he was nice & warm which i had been concerned about as hedgies outside the nest asleep or awake can suffer very quickly from hyperthermia. He looked fine & i put him down at the entrance of the new cabin i had placed right by the other one. All of a sudden Ernie uncurled himself, looked around & trotted into the new home!!! and that was where he stayed until darkness fell.
I put food & water out just incase he decided to fill himself up before night & made sure the new home was secure & sheltered. I did not want either hedgie to get a fright when awake & not know what was going on so left the 2 cabins right opposite each other.

I contacted Monica at the Wildlife Trust locally (she looked after Cederick before he passed last year) & explained everything & she told me that i had done everything correctly & to the book & even asked if she could come live in my garden!!! she did say that although not that common hedgies do occasionally pair up if there is enough room in a cabin and/or if they are around the same location, they kind of tolerate each other. I still think that Ernie has taken Minni under his wing and is looking after her/him as he/she is so tiny.

So this morning whilst doing my checks i laughed my head of when i found Ernie & Minni curled up together in the origional hedgie cabin!!! they obviously do not like being apart. Atleast there is an extra home if they fall out or if we get more visitors into our garden!. I have spotted a beautiful little field mouse running around the lawn the last 2 evenings, so cute!!!

Anyways off to bed. Thankyou so much everyone for taking such an interest in our little spikey friends.

All my love Clare xxxx


  1. Aww how cute are they, , video didnt start for me, but the photos are fantastic, Do Bert and Simone like sharing their yard with the hedgies?

  2. Sorry Em had to go back edit the post as it did not come out. Going to play around in the morning. Hugs Clare xxx

  3. Miss Clare, such a gorgous episode of Hedgieville. I think Minni is growing 'cause she doesn't seem to be much smaller than Ernie by the photos. How cute that they are now both snuggled up in the same box again, atleast they have a spare holiday house if they get bored!
    Beaver x

  4. Oh Clare how cute they are....I love reading all the updates about them ......(not so sure about the field mouse though!!!!!!! am scared stiff of any mice!!!!!!!)...Look forward to more updates....luv marg xxx

  5. Now that is totally cute and how clever of you to know what to do with them! I hope they stay together they look so sweet. Have a lovely weekend! Tracey x

  6. Hi sweetie! aww these are so gorgeous, have a tear in my're such a love and a big thanks to such loving people as make the world a better me.

    Big huggles.

  7. Just imagine Monica with the hedgies in one of the little houses!! What a hoot....
    But heavens, aren't they SO very cute Clare....& it is brilliant that you look after them so well!!
    Love Deb xx

  8. Oh bless hunny, the adventures you have going on in your garden! Thank you so much for sharing the latest episode with us. Vince send miaows and as much tuna Felix as you'd like (not his fave!) Hugs, Squirrel xx

  9. Hi Clare,

    Thanks you for the lovely comments on my blog. The photos of Ernie and Minni are adorable. I love hedgehogs too and we feed ours in our garden, I think that's why I love Penny Black stamps so much as they mostly feature hedgehogs. Have a great week.

    Gill x

  10. Oh how cute!
    It really is like a mills and boon story isnt it!!!!

  11. Oh what lovely photos Clare! So good to hear whats been going on with them!

    Arent they lucky theyve adopted the right Mum to look after them!

    Keryn x


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