Thursday, 15 April 2010


Had a bit of a purple moment (as opposed to a blonde one!). Just a couple of cards to pop into my St.Wilfred's charity box. The other cards i have been making lately are again for friends who read my blog and do not like showing them until they have been received. I really have made more, honest!!!


I have some really exciting news to tell. Ernie is still going great guns & happy in Hedgeville Villa's! but he is not the only occupant. The little hedgie that i mentioned that arrived Thursday evening was at the feeding dish side by side with Ernie & seems to be shacked up with big Ernie!!! followed little hedgie with the torch last night & he/she climbed straight into the nesting box followed in hot persuit minutes later by Ernie!!! On Thursday i managed to get this dodgy looking pic by daylight but you can make Ernie out although the pic is very fuzzy. It is very very rare for hedgehogs to pair up as they are really solitude creatures. They basically tolerate each other & even when they mate it is a only a bit of "how's ya Father" and they go their seperate ways & the female rears her hoglets by her own (sounds like some people i know!!!). I reckon Ernie has taken the little hedgehog under his wing maybe?

I have made the pic smaller as it is less fuzzy but in between the straw you can see Ernie's spikes. I am going to try taking some night pics.
So last night before i went to bed i put Bert & Simone's left over cat food out in the fox bowl and Ernie who was eating from his dish didn't even seem bothered by my presence which i was amazed by.
The night before i heard the weirdest noise coming from the garden when i put their food out so with torch in hand & crocs on feet & in PJ's i went out in the dark to investigate. There was Ernie amongst the flower beds (wondering if the noise was a hedgie mating call!!!) looking at me & he even let me stroke him!!! he didn't even curl up in a ball like most do. I seem to have a very tame hedgie!!! maybe he is used to me now?.
More good news is that on Tuesday i brought another hedgie cabin which Dad has adapted so is now ready to be introduced to the garden. I brought a big "Red Robin" plant which is going to be planted in front of the box to make it secluded like the other one. Once they are ready i will take pics of both boxes for you. I am planning to make this corner of the garden all overgrown & secluded and add more plants, some logs & stones to make it nice & wild for our little spikey friends. Can't wait to get started.
Now gotta think of a name for our new little one! was thinking maybe Minni as he/she is so small? any suggestions are welcome.
Back soon with more cards & hedgie updates. Have a great day everyone.
Love & hugs Clare xxx


  1. Lovely card hun, and fab hedgie story. I am proud to admit to you that I am a member of the British Hedgehog Preservation Society! Hugs, Squirrel xx

  2. Good girl Squirrel! hopefully there are a few more out there too xxx

  3. Lovely cards Clare and how sweet for Ernie to have a little friend and also for him to allow you to stroke him! Minni sounds like a great name! Tracey xx

  4. Lovely card. Glad to hear the Hedgies are getting along together.


  5. How cool Clare, little hedgehogs! Sounds like they're as hard as Ulysses butterflies to photograph~ Very elusive. Thanks for popping in to my blog. I am loving those purple cards!

  6. Beautiful cards Clare (as always!!!)....I LOVE catching up on all the hedgie gossip...luv marg xx

  7. Such a special card your purple moments...they are goood!!

    Wow, imagine stroking a hedgie!! Not an easy thing I suppose??? Lovely how you are caring for these little buddies, look forward to seeing your new hedgie home.


  8. Two super cards Clare, Im loving your purple moment too! Just cant go wrong with hedgies can you!

    Talking of them, ooh, I can just make him out! All snuggled up in your hedgie cabin! Cant believe he is so tame that he lets you stroke him! Am looking forward to seeing future photos too!

    Keryn x

  9. Your cards are great clare, and your heart is big
    and with the help and assistance you give to people and animals is just fantastic.
    Luv Paula oxox

  10. Thanks Paula you are a lovely girl too with a kind heart. Thankyou everyone for taking such a great interest in not only my creations but the hoggies too! stayed tuned as an exciting post is on it's way!!! love you guys, hugs Clare xxx

  11. fabbo Cards Clare baby, and oh my gosh how exciting is your garden, a menagerie of wildlife, the most I get in mine are green tree snakes and blue tongue lizards all of which I have to try and save from Mr Osky the Kelpie whom thinks they are fun to play with. P.S I did save a chicken from Osky last year though. It had flown the coup from across the fence and landed in ours. There was an almighty scuffle going on out the back so I went to investigate and found said chicken trying to squeeze through our fence and Osky looking at me with bug eyes and feathers hanging out of his mouth. Chicken is all fine (happily laying eggs), Osky was all croaky from having feathers stuck in his gob and I was shaken up, but we are all friends now, tee hee...Give ernie and Minnie a tickle for me!


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