Sunday, 11 April 2010

Scrapville March Challenge & Hedgeville Memoirs Update

Finally i have completed my card for the Scrapville challenge!!! last month i said that i was going to get the card sketch completed in plenty of time so that i could have a go at the layout sketch as they are both so fantastic. Both sketches are designed by my beautiful and uber talented friend Melinda;

This is the layout sketch

This is the card sketch

This is what i came up with. I used some very yummy Doodlebug Tutti Frutti floral paper, Pebbles Inc Nellies Garden Stripe Card, Papermania Elements & some mirri candy.

Pop over to Scrapville as there are still 3 days till the deadline. I will try to get the layout done but if not it will definitely be one i will try in the future.
Thankyou Janet & Melina xxx

                                             Pop over to Scrapville Today!!!

              HOGVILLE MEMOIRS

Ok just a quick update on our spikey little friends. The past few nights have seen an additional little hedgie which is a lot smaller than our little lodger who we are naming Ernie. Ernie is still happy in his house in the garden & i am checking daily to make sure he is ok & still in his abode. I have put down plenty of fresh straw which he is adding to the inside. I am not too sure but our smaller visitor could well be staying in there too as notice Ernie has been sleeping during the day towards the entrance of the cabin. I know that hedgies are mainly solitude creatures but as they were eating together from the same dish the other night i guess it is possible for them to sleep in the same cabin?

Next week i am going to go buy another cabin and get Dad to adapt that one too. I would love to get more as the more hedgies nesting in our garden the safer they hopefully will feel so will add more when i can!!!

I was really worried as Martin had to mow the lawn yesterday & was scared it may frighten Ernie off but i think Hedgies go into a really deep sleep state during the day. He wasn't bothered though and is still there this morning!!!

Will update you with more news very soon. Thankyou for popping by.

Love & hugs Clare xxx


  1. Beautiful card. I love the papers you've used.

    Great Hedgie update too.


  2. Firstly must say what a beautiful blog you have at the moment Clare! I know youve been renovating it and it is looking rather fine and dandy!!

    Gorgeous card using lovely fresh colours, the paper is super.

    Oooh am loving hearing about the hedgies, I guess you'll name the other one eric?! Is it too early for the little one to be a baby?? My knowledge of hedgies can be written on a stamp!

    Hope you're feeling more rested today.

    Keryn x

  3. Hey Keryn! not sure if you realised but i have had to change my blog back to a two column. I thought i had set a 3 column one up until Helen asked me where all of my regular information was to the right. The whole of the column had dropped underneath the post section, grrrr!!! all of those hours spend faffing around with the dimensions for nothing.
    So i gave up, would still like a 3 column blog but guess i am too stoopid to set it up!!!

    Thankyou for your lovely comments girls. So glad noone minds me talking about the hedgies!!! a lot of my friends used to hear about them on the LSBS forum but now i have my blog i can share it with everyone.
    Keryn it is a bit too early for hoglets so the smaller one has probably just got lots of weight to put on from coming out of hybernation. I think the babies arrive May/June time. I would so, so love for some baby hoglets to be born in the hedgie box!!! just wish i knew the males from the females, don't think they would come back if i checked!!!
    Hugs Clare xxx

  4. A beautiful card little Clare...beautiful colours, & love your layering.

    It is wonderful how the hedgies are heading to your garden...perhaps they know that there is a carer there?? I assume at some time they get girlfriend/boyfriendly...cos there would be no more hedgies!!

    Love Deb xxx

  5. Yay bits and pieces about the hedgies..... I love to hear all about them Clare....BTW your card is beautiful as always....take care luv marg xxx

  6. Beautiful Card Miss Clare, love those papers too!
    Hogville (how cute) seems to be doing well, I love hearing all the gossip, it's just like a mini-series.
    Your blog is looking lovely! Now, I was a bit challenged when I was setting up my blog and seriously wanted a three column blog which I just couldn't figure out until I stumbled across the following link...
    Hope it works.
    Beaver x

  7. Thanks Beave will give it a go!!! hugs Clare xxx

  8. Hi Clare thanks for becoming a follower of my blog, I am now following yours too and guess what with all the other things we have in common we are also the same star sign! lol. I love your card the papers are so sping like it really put a smile on my face. I love your hedgehog update too! We did have one nesting under our shed last year but I think my dog may have put it off! Look forward to hearing how our spikey friends are doing and seeing more of your lovely cards. Tracey x


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