Monday, 5 April 2010

Thankyou Keryn!!!

One of my beautiful friends Keryn has just passed on this blog award to me!

I understand that the translation means "this blog is charming".  Thankyou so much Keryn for thinking of me & i would also like to say a big thankyou for my gorgeous Easter card & the lovely stamped images you have recently sent. I have made up the card below from one of the Sugar Nellie stamped Gorjuss Girls images you sent.

Sorry the pic is a little wonky. This image is a little (ok a lot!) different to my usual style so i did kind of step out of my comfort zone. I have never really been into little girl/boy stamps, i am usually floral/scenery/animal but i have to say she is kind of a little cutie & i instantly warmed to her, oh ok yes there is a cat in the image too which helped!!! not convinced i have done the stamp justice but this is my first time, please forgive me!!!
I also have a big confession to make, i very nearly drew a mouth on the poor little soul! what's that all about? seriously she is very cute.
Thankyou Keryn you are a lovely friend.

I will be putting up more cards this week as will hopefully have a more productive few days!

Thanks for stopping by. Big hugs Clare xxx


  1. It is a delightful stamp Clare & you surely ahve done it your colours & what a sweetie kitten!!
    Look forward to seeing your other cards later this week.
    I will be away for a day or Sydney!! Yay!! xxxxxx

  2. Super card Clare stop talking nonsense!! Oh hang on I better be careful or you might start hurling abuse at me!! lol!!

    I do agree with the smile though, I think I am just getting used to malformed heads, mouthless little children and some even have wings, I mean, whats all that about? I dont want to look at a little cutey kid who make have just 'passed over'. Maybe I am alone in that, ok, so I am!!

    It was the kitty that swung it for this one though!

    Keryn x

  3. Cor you scared me then Keryn!

    I only called Shelee a wally as i have followed her for yonks & she did not realise because my profile pic was not on her followers list. She is a good friend so i am allowed!!! also Shelee is Aussie so hopefully doesn't know what it means! mind you did admit to having a blonde moment.

    I have a confession, the Magnolia stamps (think they are called Tilda) scare the life out of me. Their big head & mouthless faces look really freaky to me. I have a bit of a puppet phobia i think this is why.
    Sorry if i offend any Tilda lovers but they truly freak me out!!!!! you will never see them on my blog i am afraid. So Keryn you are not alone honey.

    Keryn do you think we will wake up to no followers on our blogs in the morning as we have upset them??? atleast we will still have each other!!!

    Big hugs my friend, clare xxx

  4. Yes - Keryn is right!! Charming blog - lovely cards and kitty stuff too.


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