Monday, 3 May 2010


So sorry i have not been around this week. It has been very busy in the "Earl" household & have not even had a great deal of time to even create this week.
The only crafty news i have is that i just found out that i won Lisa's fab "Something Old" challenge. This was the card;

And the pic below is all of the yummy craftiness that Lisa put up to win!!! Thankyou so much little Lisa. If you would like to go participate in the challenges over at Scrap Therapy click HERE it is a fantastic scrap & crafty site.

So what i have i been up to? there has been a big, big springclean in the bungalow & loads of gardening. This has been the first gardening of the year now that the sun has decided to make a long awaited appearance. I have been very limited on what i can do obviously but being the stubborn head that i am i do like to contribute. I seriously pay for it but it just makes me feel useful. Martin & Dad get cranky with me but they do realise that i love gardening. Martin has done all of the mowing & loads of weeding so i have done a lot of pruning & i have now been able to arrange the hedgie cabins & clean up & make it all noice for them. I have managed to get hold of the logs, rocks & shrubs which i am gradually adding so i will be posting pics as soon as it is done.

Another reason i have not been around is because my lovely hubby has gone and suprised me with a new laptop!!! he was given a bonus at work after 5 years of being there & being promised for about the last 3 years. It finally happened & he spent it all on me! He got me a yummy pink Dell Inspiron and here it is;

And here is my baby girl showing her approval. So i have been setting it up which has taken forever!!! i am not the most computer minded person i am afraid. 
Martin said that i really needed my own one as he has one which he got last year for his Birthday with the money he was given so i feel kind of guilty as i use it more than him!!! especially now i have joined "blogland". His view was that his bonus was money we never expected to get & it would only be spent on bills if we put it away for a rainy day.
I love him!!!!

More posts to follow.

Lots of love & hugs & i would like to send a special message to Esme to let her know that i am thinking of her & sending lots of love, she will know what this means.

Best wishes Clare xxx


  1. What a beautiful hubby you have there Clare.....and now we are twins as I have the exact same one.......luv marg xxx

  2. That's right Margi girl. Couldn't remember if yours was red or pink darl. Me & Margi Moo are twinnies, yay!!! atleast the lappie colour is not a yukky barbie pink! love you Margi xxx

  3. Hello Clare

    I stumbled across your blog.

    Always a pleasure seeing another crafter getting pleasure from what they do.

    Your cards are more sophisticated than anything I have done.

    I sometimes make my own Christmas cards, I make lino cuts and print them on my old hand press.

    I do quite a lot of gilding, but I am primarily a bookbinder,some of your cards are like small books with complicated covers.

    Do you ever use simple 3 hole sewing to join several pages together? It could be sewn with ribbon.

    I run a site devoted to craft bookbinding, there are a lot of free bookbinding manuals which may interest you.

    Come on over if you have a moment.

    Good luck to us all.



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