Monday, 3 May 2010


Well Little Ernie & Minnie are still around which i am seriously amazed about. We get the odd day when i go check that there is just one of them in the cabin & one morning where they were both absent but overall they are always here which is fantastic.
So to keep you going i have a selection of pics for you all. The funniest one is a pic of Minnie in an old plastic storgage shelter i made up last year which i was going to throw away as we now have the second cabin. They have never seemed to settle in this one & thinking perhaps it is because it is plastic i went to throw it away. I noticed that Simone kept going near it & sniffing around. I opened the lid and there was Minnie curled up amongst the paper & straw!!!

This was Simone sniffing around which made me look in the box!!!

She is amongst the straw!

There she is!

And not to leave out Ernie!!!

This was the area before but i have had to now place the plastic box where the new cabin is.

I managed to get this pic of Ernie a couple of night ago. Minnie had gone off wandering!

So at the moment i just have to finish off the hedgie area in the garden. It has been cleaned up (as much as can be) & i have managed to get all fresh straw into the origional cabin the day they were absent & there are now 3 shelters for them & any other little visitors we may get in the future.
As soon as the area is finished i promise to post pics for you all. So hoping we get some baby hoglets!!!

Lots of love Clarey xxx


  1. Hi Hun fab pictures of your hedgie friends how do you tell them apart lol. Oh and i love your new laptop gorgeous colour you lucky girl. luv gina xx

  2. So glad that Hedgieville is coming along nicely! Love the pics Clare, thanks for the update... it is just like a mini-series and we wait with baited breath to find out what the next installment will bring. :)
    Beav x

  3. A bit like Romeo & Juliet eh Beave!!! Gina, minnie has a patch of lighter coloured spikes on her back hun & i am kind of assuming the other one is still Ernie! mind you Minnie could have a whole harem of hoggies! the thing is i cannot check to even see if they are males or females as they curl up before you can take a peek. They are really playful though so hoping there's a bit of sauciness going on! will update again real soon. Mind you i'd better get some creating done this week too! hugs Clare xxx

  4. Saucy...don't you just love that was in Enid Blyton books, & I called a little dinghy we had as a kid the Saucy that topic, & back to the saucy hedgies. How sweet are they with Simone keeping them in check...I love these updates too. Keep 'em coming lovely Clare!! xxx

  5. Lovely to hear that the hedgies have stuck around and appreciate your efforts, it must be lovely seeing them together! Love the laptop too, lucky you! Have a lovely week. Tracey xx

  6. What a great little hedgieville you have Clare! Who needs SpringWatch?!

    I love seeing your photos of the pair of them, look forward to the next update!

    What a fab hubby you have Clare! That pink laptop is just FAB! Im so pleased for you and what a great sentiment to spend his bonus as it is extra to the norm and unplanned. I couldnt agree more!

    It will be fab that you can surf the net to your hearts content now without having to share it!!

    Well done on your super candy win, the card is gorgeous that won it and Im not surprised you won!

    Catch you very soon Clare
    Keryn x

  7. Too cute!
    When do they breed Clare?

  8. Um i think it is May/June time & takes 40 days from conception to birth. Gosh im a nerd!


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