Tuesday, 4 May 2010


On Saturday my lovely hubby Martin did a 12,000ft freefall tandem skydive to raise money for St.Wilfred's Hospital which is where Mum was looked after during her final days before she passed on 17th December 2008.
He managed to raise £450 for the Hospice and i am so proud of him. Here are some pics i would like to share.

Martin all togged up. He looks like an extra from the "Cone Head" Movie!!!
A pic with the trainer called Dave, he was a really cool guy!!!
All boarded up!!!
Too late to bottle out now!
Definitely too late to bottle out now!
Just going from freefall to parachute
Martin & Dave
Yay!!! they made it!
Hope he did not keep his eyes closed all the time!!!

I know that Mum was watching over us on Saturday & sharing the day with us. When we got back to the car & started driving off one of Mum's songs came on the radio, Leanne Rymmes "How do i Live Without You". That was her sign to let us know.



  1. Fab photos Clare!

    Well done Martin, what a great time he must have had! I cannot believe you want to do it - you must be crackers!!

    Besides, just look at the gear youve go to wear to do it! Its not very 'ladylike'!! lol!

    Lovely that your Mum was watching over you too! Great photo of her too Clare!

    Keryn x

  2. I just want to give you a hug Clare...what a sweet gal you are!! Martin sure looks the part in his jumping suit there Clare....& he looks great afterward too! So pleased he enjoyed it all, & that you got a little inspired too.
    Love deb xoxoxxo

  3. Go Martin !!! Looks like heaps of fun and he raised a great amount too....I was in melbourne BUT was thinking of him......YAY!!!!!
    luv marg xxx

  4. Oh bless! You have one very brave (or slightly mad) husband hunny, but well done on raising so much money for such a good cause. I know your mum was watching over him for you. Sxxx

  5. Yay for Mr Conehead! What a superhero indeed! He's definitely a 'keeper' Miss Clare.
    What a wonderful gesture, he must have been so very fond or your beautiful Mum.
    Congratulations Martin!!! Brave boy!
    Beav x

  6. Hi Clare I will give you a shout next time I am down your way! Well done to your hubby for the sky dive, he is a very brave man! Lovely that he did it in memory of your mum, I am sure she was watching over you both with a smile. Lovely piccie of her. The cupcake stand that I have my martha stewart punches on is from a little home accessory store in Leigh-on-Sea near where I live, its not a chain or anything but next time I pop by I will see if they have any more and let you know. Have a lovely week! Tracey xx

  7. Hi Clare... so this is you!!!! Funny hey how you read poeple on forums, and then go to their blogs and you can really learn something about them!!
    How is Martin after his big jump!! I bet he feels like it was some other person!! Ive done the odd thing like that and after it was like "Was that really me??"
    Love your blog too!! Love your cats!!!
    Jodi XX

    Well done Martin you are a legend!!!
    Mum would be very proud of you mate and thinking you are one crazy sod lol

  9. Hi Clare...Well done to your hubby Martin for doing the jump and for raising money for such a wonderful cause. What a hero! Thanks for your comments on my blog and to answer your question...Yes, it was the Bognor Butlins...
    Love your pinks laptop by the way!

  10. hi Claire, just been catching up reading blogs.
    And i would like to say well done to Martin for the jump and raising the cash, but my heart went out to you and missing your mam, i lost my mam and my heart aches.
    Even though i know she is around us like you know your mam is with you.
    Take care Luv Paula oxoxo


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