Wednesday, 7 July 2010

An Update!

Hello beautiful friends, just an update to let you know what is happening. Monday i spent the morning on the phone to GP to hospital, back to GP, back to hospital & then back to GP. It took me to end up in tears on the phone to actually get something done and my doctor rang me at 1pm after being in consultations all morning. He did not seem too thrilled that i had been buggered around all morning 
and still not having the letter from the hospital he did a prescription of his own. So the past couple of days i have been in an almost comatosed state of Morphine and steroids and complete bed rest. Not that i could have done anything else, boy is that morphine good and helped no end but you just cannot function!!! My doctor is going to prescribe the new painkiller when he finally gets the letter but he wants me to keep the morphine as a breakthrough drug incase i ever get that bad again.

So this morning i have felt a lot better and hopefully the steroids are kicking in. I have not needed the morphine today and got by with my regular pain meds. It says that your body gets over the side effects when you take it regularly but i do not want to get used to it. That strictly stays in the med cupboard if nothing else helps. Like i say it is a an exeptional drug for pain relief but could not handle being in a zombi like state 24/7!!!

Thankyou again my friends for all of your well wishes. Hopefully i will be back to creating real soon xxxx


  1. Hi sweetie!
    Glad to hear your doc has his priorities straight even if no one else is getting their act together. And that you've been able to have a bit of pain-free time.

    I've had a few issues of my own appear today, although thankfully not painful ones, more work-related. (Someone has forged my signature on a witness statement that I knew nothing about until today, when I received a letter requesting me to attend a trial in September as a witness)!! Shame as I had a great night out with my new work girlies last night and am really enjoying my new job, so could have done without hauntings from past jobs!

    I hope everything else is sorting itself out - will prob PM you at some point for a proper catch up.


    Esme xxx

  2. Thats good to hear that you have something finally sorted Clare, but I can imagine being zombified is not too much fun! Hopefully this will be the start of something positive for you. Did you receive email from Keryn - let me know and get in touch, happy to help. Hugs Claire x

  3. Hi Hunny sorry that you had to end up in tears to get anywhere its shocking isn't it, but i'm so glad that you are feeling a bit better today though, i hope the steroids help you they have helped me over the years. Take care luv gina xx


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