Wednesday, 7 July 2010

When Your Friends Come Together...

I can never get used to the sheer kindness of people who i am proud to call friends. During my time of being out of action i have had a big worry on my mind, i promised a little boy by the name of Cameron, who is only 7 years old by the way, that i would attend the coffee morning he has arranged at his house on 17th July to raise money for St.Wilfred's Hospice. He asked me to make lots of cards for him and anything else crafty to help make more money towards his coffee morning. He is a totally outstanding little boy and is where his Nan Wendy works as a carer. Many of you also know that the hospice is totally close to my heart as they looked after my dear Mum and is where she spent her last days on earth. Wendy is also my neighbour and also looked after Mum. 

The big worry comes from me because i have been out of action and unable to make any cards of late. I have a few to contribute but really wanted to go that extra mile for this little boy who has even sold some of his toys to help raise money.
So this morning i heard from my beautiful friend KERYN who has made an announcement on her BLOG appealing to all of her friends to donate cards for this wonderful cause. Not only has keryn had response from her blog followers but also from challenge blogs she enters. So thankyou so far to Claire, Chris, Tasha, Sue, Annie, Enfys, Sue CChrissie and Jody who have all so kindly agreed to send a card or cards. I am so overwhelmed at everyone's generosity and has made me really teary, but in a good way!!! So if there is anyone else out there who is interested please feel free to email me on and if you can just pop up in the message box "For St.Wilf's Card Donations" just so i know i am not being spammed!!! If you are sending cards please make sure that you put your name on the card so that you, the designer can get the credit, feel free to add a contact number/email/blog too so that people can see your future work too.

This will be an ongoing cause in my heart as when i am well enough i am going to go to the St.Wilfred's day centre when i can. It is open every Wednesday in Uckfield and is open for the local patients in surrounding villages and is somewhere they can get together to take their minds off their illness, get them out in the community, advice on treatments, have a nice cooked meal and have a good old chin wag. St.Wilf's are looking for volunteers, especially in the craft areas to go in and make cards, get the patients involved and have a bit of fun as well as being there to talk and share experiences etc. It is a very laid back day for all to chill out and have a bit of pampering, as well as meeting some amazing people. So i will be constantly making & selling cards and every penny will be going to the hospice.

I will be thanking everyone personally and am also going to be taking pics and will announce the funds that are raised on Cameron's special day.

You have all made me feel so happy in my heart tonight, thankyou beautiful ladies xxx

P.S Keryn you are my guardian angel, and i have now stopped blubbing!



  1. Well Im glad to hear that you've dried up now!

    Im sure Cameron's eyes will pop out when he sees the amazing cards that are being so generously sent to you.

    Im sure this painful time that you're going through with your RA will soon pass by and then you'll be able to make lots of beautiful cards too.

    Catch you later
    Keryn x

  2. Thankyou my darlin friend. Hoping i'll get back to the cards very shortly as all of you ladies are inspiring me. Love & hugs Clare xxx

  3. Hi Clare
    found you at last, no problem with the cards glad I can help out, Isnt Cameron a sweet little boy, and love your furbabies.
    Chris x

  4. Thankyou Chris you are an angel. Going to pop over to your blog. Big hugs Clare xxx

  5. Hi Clare
    not a problem to send cards hun, i hope they will be ok, will get them as soon as i have stuck some inserts in them, sue,x

  6. HI Honey, would love to help, but don't think they would get there in time sadly.Please let me know a little sooner next time and I will be only too happy to help out a worthy cause.Kudos to little Cameron!!!! What a wonderful young man he will become.
    HUgs and hope you are doing alright..tears and all

  7. I've sent you an email with an offer to help with the cards. As your last commenter stated, I don't think that I could get cards there in time, but it sounds like it is an ongoing thing. Just let me know via email. Take care of yourself! Best, Curt

  8. Hi Clare,
    I have posted a bunch of cards to you, hopefully they should arrive tomorrow.
    I would like to wish you all success!

  9. Thankyou beautiful lady! i will email you as soon as they arrive. Going to update my blog later. Big hugs Chrissie. Love Clare xxx

  10. Hi Hun
    posted cards yesterday so hope they will arrive today, hope they will be ok, all the best with the fund raising, sue,x

  11. Hi Clare, I popped to the post office this morning so your cards are on their way. I hope the sale is a huge success. Sue C x

  12. Hiya Clare, posted a bunch to you on thursday, hope they arrive okay, and well done you on raising awareness of such a worthwhile cause. Hope you get lots of support,
    big hugs
    En xx


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