Monday, 12 July 2010

Aaaaaggghhh Lost my Camera!!!!

I am so sorry i am so late to post but have been searching high & low for my camera!!!! Every day this week i want to do a post on the progress of the St.Wilfies charity event happening this Saturday along with all of the wonderful card filled parcels that have started to arrive.

All evening i have been ripping the bungalow apart searching for the blinking camera. Two little pussycats are giving me "those eyes" everytime i look at them as if they are saying "it wasn't me!" the verdict is out on that one until i find it as i know they have been caught playing with it as they love the string thingy attatched to the case, Bert in particular is fond of it as it resembles the ribbon box!

Ok so no photies tonight but i have some very special ladies to thank today. Mr.Postman came with his reinforced postbag on wheels this morning with not one but six parcels!!!!!! me and the furbabies were so excites as they tumbled onto the bed ready to be opened.
Simone showed her approved by playing with bits of ribbon and string attatched to certain cards and the pair of them were "sniffing" on overdrive and rubbing & smooching against cards & parcels claiming them for theirselves!
So today the very special ladies i need to thank, in no particular order are;

1. Jo B

Out of respect i will not include these ladies surnames but i have linked all of their names direct to their blogs so please, please go pop over to see their beautiful work.


These lovely ladies cards are so yummy i might have to keep them all!!! no, seriously i believe we are going to be able to raise a lot of money for Cameron's coffee morning. I feel totally humbled by the response of Keryn's plea over on her blog last week. We have both received so many emails with the offer to send cards, not only in the UK but USA, Australia and even Gibraltar!!!
Just remember everyone that this plea is not only for Saturday but will be an ongoing fundraising pledge.
I will be thanking everyone personally but i will also add them to my blog posts as soon as they arrive as i know that Keryn has received some too which are being sent on.

Ok so i am going to hunt a bit more for this flipping camera and will be adding pics as soon as i can. Failing that i will be asking people to send me cameras also, NO IM ONLY JOKING!!! sure i can borrow one!

Thankyou again for all of your efforts & kindness everyone. I will be back tomorrow after stalking the postie. Best go get on creating in my craft room.

Warm hugs, Clare xxx

P.S Feeling a lot more human this week, steroids kicking in  atlast and not needed Morphine, just normal meds. Will be keeping Morphine in the bathroom cabinet only for really bad pain & parties!!!


  1. Hi Clare...Glad you are finally feeling a little better. So many angels helping you out which is lovely to see..luv marg xx

  2. Its great that you are receiving so many parcels for the fundraising event hun, mine will be in the post today for you. Have a great day and hope that camera turns up very soon! Hugs, Claire x

  3. You nutter! Hope you find the camera soon babes. Hugs, Sxxx

  4. I'm sure your camera is somewhere 'safe' that's why you can't find it ! Always the way ....Sue C x

  5. Hiya Clare,
    Glad your pain is better now, you will find the camera as soon as you stop looking for it,
    En xx

  6. Ha ha! Your poor postie I say!

    I bet it was so exciting receiving loads of packages!

    I dont know how I missed this post, perhaps I have too many blogs that I follow and Im not putting enough effort into being up to date with all of the ones that I want to be!

    Keryn x


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