Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Whoopie found it!!!!

Ok so i was a little hasty suspecting Bert & Simone of kidnapping the camera! it actually took Martin to find it tonight after he too turned the bungalow upside down. In the process of searching under wardrobes, chests of drawers etc he found half of the kitties toys so they are extremely happy tonight!!! all i seem to do is buy them ping pong balls, squeaky toys and foam balls because they go missing, now i know where, i thought they were eating them!!! It was found on the kitties radiator bed which i use for piling paperwork onto as they never go on it!

Anyway back to business and here is a picture to show all of the wonderful parcels that have arrived so far;

Today i received another two yummy packages, and one was all the way from America!!!!
So i would like to thank Brenda Butler all the way from Michigan and Julia Dunnit for all of their beautiful cards. Please pop over to their gorgeous blogs  by clicking onto their names. Thankyou so so much girls you are so kind!!!

I am currently working on a few altered creations now. I have made a few cards but i reckon that we are going to be well covered!!! so thought it would be a good idea to make some notebooks, decorate some trinket boxes etc. I will take some pics tomorrow along with pictures each day of all of the beautiful cards everyone is sending.

Thankyou once again (i do not think i can say it enough!!!) and also for all of your wonderful messages that you are sending on my blog and by email.

Love to you all, back tomorrow!!!


  1. Aren't people so very kind Clare & you are seeing that right now....how generous!! Of time & money...so heartwarming. This is so great what you have organised...a true kind heart.
    Pleased you have found your camera & can take little snaps again & also found those kitty cat toys....Mr B & Simone will be so happy!!
    Keep taking care, love Deb xx
    PS Could you please drop me an email....your address has gone with the computer 'glitch'...well every ones is gone!!! xxx

  2. Missy Clare...could you drop me an email please???All my addresses have gone with the glitch....

    This is a marvellous & so generous thing you have done & aren't the people of the world so kind too...wow! all those parcels!!

    And Mr B & Simone must be so happy finding all the lost toys too! Hehhe

    Love Deb xxx

  3. Mine is in the post as of this morning hun - hope it gets to you on time!!

  4. How amazingly generous of everyone!
    Mum would be blown away by this hey Clare?
    Thankyou everyone for your kindness
    This will be helping so many people just like mum

  5. I was doing ok until I read your Sis's comments!

    She is clearly right though, isnt it a lovely way to remember someone by doing something so constructive!

    So glad you found your camera, I quite forgot all together to ask you about it earlier in the week, but then you know what Im like for remembering things!

    Keryn x


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