Sunday, 3 October 2010


Can't believe how quickly the weeks are going and there is definitely that winter chill in the air now. Although there are still a few weeks before our little spikey friends even think about hybernating me & Dad set about making their habitat a lot more secluded and wildlife friendly.

Just added one of my older pics of one of the hoggies as it is getting harder to see them now. Now that the area is more concealed i am trying not to interfere as i really want them to hybernate there for the winter. The good news is that for the first time both of the cabins are being used!!!. The day after we had rearranged the area i checked and felt spikes in both cabins. I can pretty much tell too as there is loads of straw around the entrances and you can see where they have burrowed each morning to get back inside. The nights are drawing in and we have had loads of rain so it is very rare these days to get a glimpse of them. I know they are visiting though by the tell tale signs with their food.
I promise to keep you up to date but do not think there will be a great deal of action over the next few weeks.

Just a picture of a little fledgling in rescued a few weeks ago from my Dad's cat Sammy. I looked after him over night and syringe fed/water and the next morning i took him to the vets as they contact the Wildlife Centre so they can care for him and release him when he is old enough. I am so happy as many of them die from shock but he survived the night. Don't think i hardly slept that night!!!.

Thankyou for visiting. Promise to be back soon.

Hugs Clare xxx


  1. Oooh its so lovely to see your hedgies again .... your very lucky to have them inhabiting your garden and well done you on rescuing the little fledgling, he certainly looks a lively thing! Hope you're well hun. Hugs, Claire x

  2. Fab wildlife piccies. Well done on caring for the baby birdie, glad he made it. x

  3. You have had a busy time haven't you?!
    Hope you know that Japonica plant will become pretty HUGE!! Mine got to over 5 feet tall and about as wide before I hacked it down. Looks gorgeous for a while though.
    Glad the fledgie made it too, bless!
    Teri x

  4. What beautiful clear photos youve got Clare, youve obviously got a great camera.

    How lovely that your 2 cabins could be inhabited this winter, such a nice thought to think that you will be helping out 2 little creatures in need!

    Keryn x

  5. Hi hun
    gorgeous piccies, aww how cute are they, crickey you have done well with the little bird,sue,x


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