Monday, 27 September 2010


I would like to wish my beautiful friend KERYN a very Happy Birthday for today!!!!

I have known Keryn for several months now through Blogger and i even had the pleasure of meeting her 3 weeks ago when her, hubby and their two gorgeous dogs Poppy & Honey travelled all the way from Southampton to visit me.  I know what a big deal that was for Keryn as she suffer's a lot of pain and the journey down was very uncomfortable for her. It was such a wonderful day, one i will always remember & hopefully one of many to come.

I know Keryn will be mad at me for doing this but TOUGH!!! she is one of the bestest friends you could ever have and spreads happiness & kindness wherever she goes. Keryn spoilt me rotten and even this week her thoughtfullness has shone.
The weekend was a difficult time for me with it being Mum's birthday and Keryn sent the most gorgeous card and two beads for my Pandora bracelet!!!. Keryn sent me the clear bead and the diamonte bead shown below. I am a very lucky girl.

Keryn is always there when i need a friend, someone to talk to, tell her if im feeling crap and share any news with. I pray that i am as good a friend to her as she is with me.

So my darling friend, have a wonderful day and hope you get spoilt rotten by all that love you gorgeous girl.

Love you mate, big hugs Clare xxx


  1. Happy Birthday Keryn, hope you have a lovely day, sue,xx

  2. Aww this is soooo sweet Clare, yes I think she will certainly kill you, but as you say "tough"! LOL. What a fabulous gift she gave you for your Pandora Bracelet - I know how much these are, so you are a very lucky girl. I hope you are well - take care and speak soon. Love & hugs, Claire x

  3. Hi Claire,
    You are so lucky meeting this lovely lady she is gonna kill me when she see's my post later, we are both waiting to see your school photo's where are they :o) Im waiting !!!!
    Chris x

  4. Ho lovely dear Clare...what a great & loving friend you have there!!xxxxxx

  5. OMG Clare what have you done!!! I had such a shock, I thought you were a friend too!!! ha ha ha!

    Through gritted teeth: Thank You very much for those lovely greetings!

    (Sadly the beads weren't Pandora ones :( but they did look very lovely though!)

    Ive just been given a replacement monitor so Im back in the land of pc's thank goodness!

    Keryn x

  6. A beautiful tribute to someone very special in your life Clare...I am absolutely sure Keryn feels exactly the same could she not, with such a gorgeous friend as you.HAPPY BIRTHDAY KERYN xx

  7. Oh Miss Clare...Keryn sounds like a beautiful friend....and we all know what a true friend that you are...Love you loads...
    luv marg xxx


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