Thursday, 27 January 2011

Two New Blog Awards!!!

Wow i have been a lucky girl!!! i have been given 2 blog awards lately. Both awards are from the beautiful KERYN. The first being;

Thankyou very much Keryn for thinking of me hun!!!. Now the hard bit is thinking of 8 things about myself, so here goes!!!.

1. My very first childhood memories are sitting in my highchair and lobbing my bottle
across the kitchen floor (haven't changed much) and on another occasion sitting in my highchair at the tea table and my Brother Mark was being naughty so i called
him a "sod" (definitely haven't changed much). I personally blame the highchair for
my actions as there seems to be a pattern going on there!!!.

2. I love crime and investigation. Love watching things about mass murderers etc.
Hoping that doesn't make me too weird!!.

3. At the moment i am really into red and white polka dot things and wanting to
transform my kitchen in this style. Seen some gorgeous stuff on Amazon!!!

4. I feel so happy and content in my life. I always look at the good in my life if im     
not feeling great or having an off day with my Rheumatoid.
I have just started on a new drug trial which means going in to hospital for one
morning a month. I am keeping everything crossed that it works. I am very lucky
to be getting this treatment.

5. I am a vegetarian.

6. Things i dislike are cheese, milk, sprouts, cabbage, asparagus, broccoli, tea,
coffee, salad cream, coconut and anything without the V sign on products (oh
that's vegetarian!). Bad eating and table manners, rude people, mouthy people,
bullies, two-faced stirrers, bitching and sometimes losing my mojo!!!.

7. I will not have anything in my household which has been tested on animals. I
get all of my cleaning and washing products from CO-OP and all bath, body and
make-up from the BodyShop and other ethical companies.

8. Things i love in my life are my cats, family, friends, animals, crafting, my craft
room, my bungalow, chocolate, rice milk, fruit tea, rice cakes, all vegie stuff,
the smell of fresh cut grass, petrol and fresh bread, sunshine, snow, a warm
summers evening in the garden listening to the birds flying above, the sounds of
a distant plane while laying in bed at night, colours, happiness & laughter.
There i think that may give you a bit more of an insight into my life!!!. And now to the best bit is passing it on to 5 of my beautiful friends;

All of these gorgeous ladies have beautiful blogs and their own unique style which i think everyone needs to go check out. Now it is your turn girls to pass on to 5 of your friends and to add 8 things about you!!!!.

Now the second award arrived today from KERYN which The Love Blog Award. Thankyou again my beautiful friend for thinking of me. Below is a note describing the purpose of this lovely award.

Dear bloggers:

The aim of this action is that we bring unknown, good blogs to light, so I would ask you not to blog fellow bloggers that already have 3,000 followers. As always, the hardest part is to pick who to pass this on to, there are so many bloggers I could give it to but I pick these...
The conditions are that you must display the award on your blog if you are chosen and link your post back to the person who gave you the award and your acceptance. You can choose 3-5 blogs that you would like to give the award to linking their blogs to your post so people can go check them out. Hope that is all clear!!!.
Here are my five choices;
Each and every one of you girls deserve the love. Just wish i could give it to all of my followers, that's the difficult part!!!.
Well guess i had better get back to card making.
Godbless, love & hugs
Clare xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. What a trick you are Clare...especially with that bottle!! Loved reading about you too!
    Thank you for awarding me with a love award....I will pop that on my blog after work this special!
    Thinking of you all the time xxx

  2. Awww! Thank you so much for awarding me with this lovely award Clare. I loved reading all about you.
    Big hugs.


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