Thursday, 28 July 2011


Hello, im back at last!!! it has been a busy two weeks that has passed and one where not a great deal of crafting has gone on.

To start with i am having my little bungalow painted. Dad and i managed to get the kitchen done earlier in the year but due to bad health on both our parts not a lot more had been done so my lovely Dad has decided to get someone in to do it recommended by his next door neighbour. So far the bathroom, toilet, hallway and half of the sitting room has been done. It is looking lovely and as soon as all is done i will be putting up pics. My favourite part is buying some nice bits to show off the new rooms! doing a lot of EBAY shopping at the moment and got some lovely bathroom bits from NEXT this week. 

Healthwise i have had another kidney stone flare up two Saturdays ago. I still do not have a date for the op but my specialists secretary contacted me to have a chat, find out how i am and to give me contacts for her etc. Got to have some tests before the op so that is all in hand.

I started my new Rheumatoid injections last Tuesday, Methotrexate. A nurse came in to train me and it all went really good. Dad wanted to learn too as if im not well or he needs to do it for me he will know what to do. It was just as well he was there as i have to inject the tops of my legs and my arms. Normally it would be legs and stomach but i have loads of scars on my tummy so it is not an option. So i did my leg last week and yesterday Dad did the top of my arm. I feel so proud of him as he is 78 and prepared to do this for me. I am very lucky though as i have had a lot of friends offering to do it too and Martin is already trained to do it anyway from the past home injections i had to have. 
Apart from a bit of nausea and feeling really tired the side effects are tolerable. It can take a few weeks to notice any difference so only time will tell. The main important thing is that i am on some sort of drug that will hopefully help and slow down the progression of the disease. It is not a cure but just got to take what you can until such times.

Righteo then my lovelies. I will be back tomorrow with some cards and maybe a sneeky peek of some of the painting!!!.

Thanks for stopping by and promise to pop by everyone's blogs over the week.

Lots of love Clare xxxxxcxxxxxx


  1. Crossing my fingers the injections help and kudos to your dad for offering to help. Can't wait to see all the pics, take lots!

  2. Hello sweetie - great to hear from you! It sounds as though the last two weeks have progressed in the right direction. Your Dad sounds absolutely lovely and how generous of him to sort your bungalow out for you - look forward to seeing some pics hun. I am keeping my fingers and toes and everything else crossed for you in respect of the injections, you are very brave doing them yourself - I really don't think I could do it - such a wuss LOL. In the meantime, you take good care of yourself and catch up with you properly very soon. Big hugs, Claire xxxxx

  3. Hello Clare. Oh my goodness, I didnt know you were ill, bless you. I hope the injections work for you and give you the relief you need.
    I will drop you an email shortly.
    Lots of love, Sandra xxxx

  4. Hiya hun. Glad the new drugs aren't too nasty to have. Hope they kick in soon, and I hope they push that op date forward too.
    I love the smell of fresh paint, and the bright and clean feel of it. Must get round to doing my place out. Maybe one day. . .
    Take care hun!
    Teri x

  5. Hey hun. Good to see you back on here. Fingers crossed for you that the new drugs work and that you get these kidney stones sorted.

    Claire xx

  6. Hi hun
    aww i do hope you feeling a little better now hun, cant wait to see some piccie of your newly decorated house, keep thinking i will get someone in to do mine, i just dont want to waste my holiday time decorating!! hugs, sue,x

  7. Hope the injections work Clare. I have friends that have had varied results from it but when it works it works very well! I am looking forward to seeing your finished home. Post lots of pics

  8. Oh Clare the treatment sounds rough but hopefully the results will be brilliant. What a great dad you have, willing to give you the injections:)You take care now;)


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