Friday, 29 July 2011

Some Pictures of my Home Makeover so Far!!!

Ok you may remember back in the beginning of the year me and Dad painted the kitchen and i have given it a whole new retro look with red & white polka dot with lots of EBAY shopping and loads of bargains. 

It took me and Dad ages to paint and arrange but i am so happy with the result. Not a lot has been achieved with the rest of the bungalow so the other day Dad decided that he was going to get someone in to do it. Me and Dad struggle anyway, me with my health and Dad is 78 and he struggles with things and he calls himself a "plodder" nowadays lol!. So Gary has been coming in and so far he has completed toilet, bathroom and hall and is halfway through the sitting room. 

I promised to share some pics with you and here they are;


My yummy bathroom!!!. Loads of colour!!! it's a shame though as the paint comes out too blue in the pics but it is a gorgeous turquois. Since i got into crafting i have really fallen in love with bright colours. I love this colour as you can mix it with lots of yummy coloured towels and accessories.

Here's the dunny!!! the same colour as the bathroom but again the colour looks too blue. I have managed to find a close match to the paint colour below.

Here is a quick pic of the hallway colour but it is looking a bit bare at the moment so just a snippet and more pics to follow;

Thought i would keep the hallway a fresh guava green as the wrong shade would make it look too dark and dank.

So there we go a few pics and will post more as updated. I know the colours may not be everyone's taste but me and the kitties love it!!!!!.

Thanks for taking a peek.

Lots of love Clare xxx


  1. Great to see some pics Clare - looking fab and very bright and cheery. Bet it has made a big difference for you. Hugs, Claire x

  2. It really does make a big difference hun. I get so frustrated at times as i can see loads of things i want to do but know im going to pay for it as being a stubborn head i overdo things lol!. It is so lovely having it done but being able to have some control over it still. Love the dressing and accessory thing!!! xxxx

  3. Thanks for sharing the pics Clare, it's all looking good it's amazing what some paint can do and I find it lifts your spirits too. Great job, keep up the good work. Hope you are feeling bit better. Have a good weekend.
    Hugs Sally xx

  4. Looking good hun! Love the hallway and that cute little hanger. xx

  5. Love the bright colors! My kitchen is apple green and my craft room sunny yellow so I agree with the bold colors, always a good way to make one smile!

  6. gorgeous Clare... paint makes everything so fresh and bright ... well done ... love the kitchen and all your little personal touches .. hugz x

  7. I love it Clare! Its all looks so bright and vibrant hun and I didnt miss the co-ordinating bowls for the kitties xx

    Got to laugh at your Dad though bless him, somedays I feel like a plodder myself . . . lol xxx

  8. It is wonderful to have your house decorated just the way you like.....makes a happy start to each day ;)
    xoxo Sioux

  9. Hi Clare
    Gorgeous bright colours it ......well done to your dad...for helping you .....Thinking of you and hugs

  10. Hello you!

    What a busy pair youve been and your place is looking ab fab!

    Your rainbow fun and funky bathroom is just gorgeous!

    Hope your new meds make a difference, it will all be worth it then and bless your Dad for stepping in and doing the jabbing too! Aww, thats lovely that you're so close!

    Have a super week and take it easy! Ive heard that eBay's profits have shown a huge increase in recent weeks!! ;)

    Keryn x

  11. Oh wow Clare, what a wonderful makeover. I love the choice of bright colours, so happy and uplifting!! Your kitchen is so gorgeous. I attempted red in mine but just couldn't source nice accessories!! May you both enjoy your gorgeous home.

  12. Wow! I love the bright colours - fabulous - what a super environment to live in - love all the red and white dots in the kitchen - enjoy! x

  13. I love your vibrant choices in colours Missy happy & cheerful in the cold winter months I reckon. I love red & also adding bits to my new home. My son has even bought me a little red side table.
    How lovely that your dad & you could do some jobs together & now you have the painter for the rest it will be grand.
    Hope your tabs are helping you. Love xxxx


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